10 tips to get you through to Clipsal

Is it just us, or does Clipsal seem like forever away? Sure, we’ve got cars to prepare, a test day to complete, plus all the other bits and pieces like uniforms and (most importantly) Red Bull stocks to organise, but seeing as we launched earlier than ever this year, the stretch to getting on track feels like a marathon. If you’re twiddling your thumbs, wondering what to do with these long, V8-free weekends, try filling your time with these 10 handy tips to see you through until the new season.

1. Have a Bathurst party. It’s not race day for a fair while yet, but your mates will only thank you when you invite them all over for a barbeque, a few cold ones and a re-run of Lowndesy and Richo’s epic win.

2. Organise your man/girl cave. With a fresh driver in the mix this year in the form of SVG, you’ll need to clear an extra space in your RBRA shrine for the newbie. And don’t forget to leave a spot free for his side-kick, Boots. He’ll be signing autographs at a track near you.

3. Put in your leave with work. If you are a dedicated fan, we’re sure you have already done this, but just in case make sure you’ve got race weekends in the bank. It might be a good idea to take the Monday after race weekends off too… we’re hoping for some big Sunday night celebrations!

4. Stalk our social media. In a good way, not a creepy way. We are always posting pictures, videos and stories to keep not only ourselves entertained, but you guys too. We love a bit of friendly interaction and banter, so jump on to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and come say hello.

5. Practice your selfies. Picture this – you’re walking around the paddock minding your own business when suddenly… a wild J-Dub appears. You seize your moment, it’s now or never, you snap a selfie, but it’s blurry and has your thumb over the camera lens. Don’t let this nightmare become a reality, get practicing and make sure your selfie game is strong.

6. Make space in your wardrobe. A new year means a new uniform. We aren’t saying clear out last year’s gear, that stuff is still stylin’, we are just saying clear out all your other clothes. If it isn’t RBRA, you don’t need it! Make some room for the fresh 2016 kit available now.

7. Get baking. As if cake wasn’t awesome enough, imagine how epic RBRA-themed sweet treats would be. Ok, there’s an ulterior motive with this one because we’re now going to ask you to send them all to Triple Eight HQ to keep us fuelled during the long pre-season slog. A Red Bull and a cupcake a day keep the doctor away… that’s a saying, right?

8. Join the greatest club in town. If you’re not already a T8M8, why the hell not? We’re an awesome bunch of people over here and we’d love you to be part of the team. Go for a hot lap, meet the drivers, get your hands on some cool stuff – what’s not to love?

9. Budget plan. Yes, that sounds amazingly dull, but let’s face it, the V8 Superroadshow can put a dent in the wallet if you go the whole hog (or bull). Once you’ve done it, you can then reward yourself with one of the cupcakes you made earlier before you send them over to us. But only one!

10. Stock the esky. Now the Summer Edition Red Bull is here to stay there is no excuse to not have a can ready trackside. That way you are set to party all year round. From the sweltering heat of Darwin, to the freezing temps of Winton, it’ll go down a treat.