T8M8 Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Terms & Conditions of becoming a T8M8?

Full Terms & Conditions of our membership program can be found here.

How do I become a T8M8?

Simply go to the T8M8 Memberships page, choose your level of membership and register your details. Once your payment is confirmed, a welcome letter will be emailed to you. Your pack and membership card will be sent out to you in the post. 

How long does a membership last?

Memberships are effective from 1 January 2024 until 31 December 2024.

What different types of T8M8s are there?

There are four levels of membership – Panorama ($988), Trackside ($208), Rookie ($88) and Grassroots ($88) and excludes shipping, handling and processing fees. Information on what is available in each membership is available on the T8M8 Memberships page. Platinum and Event members are limited to 88 subscriptions per year and must be 16 years or older. Junior members must be 14 years or under at the time of purchase.

When/how do I take my Hot Lap as a Panorama member?

Panorama members are able to take their Hot Lap at in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria with the exact location to be determined once schedules are finalised. Dates for the ride days are advised by Triple Eight via email. Hot Laps are only available with a Panorama level membership and cannot be purchased from Triple Eight outside of the membership packs. If other states are available for Hot Laps, this will be advised to Panorama members via email.

What are the Terms & Conditions for Hot Laps?

All the Terms & Conditions for taking a Hot Lap are available here.

What if I don’t live in Australia or NZ?

Members living outside of Australia or New Zealand wishing to purchase a T8M8 membership need to contact Triple Eight to discuss additional postage costs PRIOR to purchasing a membership. Please email 2024members@tripleeight.com.au for more details.

What if I don’t receive my welcome letter and/or membership card?

Please contact Triple Eight via email 2024members@tripleeight.com.au and they can be replaced.

When and where are the T8M8 Member events in each state?

The dates, times and locations of each event will be emailed out to all members around the time of the event. Please note that these events will take place around a race weekend in each state and cannot be moved to suit individual members.

How do I arrange a Pit Garage tour?

To register for a Pit Garage Tour, you will need to complete a registration form which our team will send out a closer to our race weekend events. Rookie members do not receive a pit tour as part of their membership. Event members receive one tour at their purchased Event membership. If you are successful in securing a pit tour, you will be notified the date, time and garage via email the week of the event.

How do I enter competitions?

Various competitions will be run throughout the season, each with different entry mechanics. You will be advised on how to enter each competitions as they arise. If you have any questions about a particular competition when it is live, please email 2024members@tripleeight.com.au.

When are the T8M8 nights?

Details of the T8M8 member nights at Triple Eight HQ will be advised via email.

How do I book corporate hospitality as a T8M8?

For all Corporate Hospitality inquiries, please contact soundos@octanevents.com.au and mention your T8M8 member number to receive your discount.

How do I change my details?

To change your email, address, phone number or any personal details, please email 2024members@tripleeight.com.au

Hot Lap Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take a hot lap with Red Bull Ampol Racing?

You can purchase a hot lap as part of a T8M8 Platinum membership only.

I’m a T8M8 Platinum member, how do I take my hot lap?

Once we’ve got our ride day dates locked in, Panorama members will be sent an email to their nominated address detailing the dates and hot lap locations. All you need to do is reply through the online form your preference and it’s locked in. You won’t receive an email back, so don’t fret if you don’t hear from us upon sending your request, your preference is noted and our team will work to the best of their ability to ensure it is adhered to. You’ll then receive a voucher via email or post approximately a month before your chosen ride day. All you need to do is email us with confirmation and you’re good to go.

Are there any restrictions on who can take a ride?

Passengers must be under 188cm in height, a waist measurement of under 91cm and chest measurement of under 122cm. Pregnant women and guests with pre-existing heart conditions and injuries (including neck/back complaints, sprains, strains and breaks) cannot take a ride. You must be over the age of 16 to take a hot lap. These restrictions are purely for the safety of our guests.

Can I choose the date, time and location of my hot lap?

Once you’ve received your voucher, the date, time and location are not negotiable. As stated above, T8M8s can choose the track at which they take their ride and a time slot can be requested if needed, but once the voucher has been issued, the details aren’t changeable.

How do I find out my hot lap time?

Vouchers are sent out by post approximately one month before each ride day. This voucher notifies you of your hot lap time and must also be brought with you on the day so you can register. Don’t lose it! Please be aware that these times are approximate and may vary. If we’re running ahead of time, we’ll try and get you in the car earlier if you’d like, but there is always the possibility that there may be delays due to car, track or weather issues.

How do I confirm my hot lap?

All you need to do is email 2024members@tripleeight.com.au or call us on 07 3635 7000 with the name of the person taking the ride for each voucher. We don’t generally respond to confirmation emails, so don’t worry if you don’t hear back from us.

When should I arrive at the track and what do I do once I’m there?

We ask that you please arrive at the track about an hour before your ride time. Once you’re there, head over to the Red Bull Ampol Racing garage and check in at the sign-in table where you will be required to fill in an indemnity form. If we’re running ahead of time, we may suit you up and get you in the car earlier than your allotted time.

What should I wear?

Something you can fit a race suit over! Comfortable clothing is advised that allows you to easily get into and out of a suit and car. Pants are a requirement, and most importantly closed-toe shoes are essential. It’s unbelievably hot inside the car, even on the coldest days, so we recommend wearing a t-shirt or something else light underneath your suit.

Can I choose which driver and/or car I take my hot lap with?

It’s not possible to choose or request the car or driver for your hot lap in advance because we simply don’t know who will be driving when.

How do I know which car my ride will be in?

You will be allocated a car on the day of your ride by our crew.

Am I allowed to take photos and/or videos?

Absolutely! We love seeing your experiences and we encourage you and your guests to capture the day on your phones and cameras. Don’t forget to use #RedBullAmpol on Instagram and Twitter so we can see all your pictures. One of our awesome photographers will also be on hand to take a picture of you in the car, which you can download online through a link we will provide you with. We cannot allow phones, GoPros or any other kind of camera/filming device in the car with you.

Will any hospitality be provided?

Drinks and snacks are available throughout the day and lunch is also provided for guests.

Do ride days still go ahead in bad weather?

Hell yes! A bit of rain never put us off. In fact, even a lot of rain usually doesn’t, so your ride day will almost definitely still be on. We will only call a ride day off due to weather in extreme circumstances when safety is in question and guests will be advised of a rescheduled date, but feel free to call the workshop (07 3635 7000) to check if you’re concerned.

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