5 days ‘til Christmas Adam gave to us…….

HIGHLIGHT: Sandown Retro round

“Embracing the whole aspect of retro round, we as a team collectively got together and got our period accurate costumes. I think as a team everyone had a lot of fun with the uniforms and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if RD brings it in full-time next year so he has an excuse to keep wearing the smoking jacket! For me personally, I ticked off a lot of firsts at Sandown, working with more than one driver over a race weekend and having to work with their techniques and approaches to driving (left foot braking Frenchy), the multi-race qualifying format and my first ever endurance race working as a Data Engineer with Car 97. I went through a lot of highs and lows on race day Sunday, from double stacking early in the race, which saw us tumble down the order, to Shane getting into the car on a drying track and proving just how incredible he is at what he does with one of the best drives I have ever seen, moving from 18th to fourth in the space of 18 laps. When the chequered flag was waved due to a time certain finish caused by the wet weather and the heavy first lap crash, Car 97 crossed the line in second. It is for all these reasons I will never forgot Sandown 2016 for what it truly was from my perspective, an amazing weekend.” – Adam Reardon, Car 97 Data Engineer.