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2013 in pictures: the Red Bull Racing Australia story so far

Red Bull Racing Australia has landed

And what a way to land! RBRA’s arrival on the scene definitely caused a stir…

…Mostly because we never realised just how damn good J-Dub looks in a mullet.


Unbolting the bulls

The launch to put all other launches to shame – the Red Bull Racing Australia Holdens rolled out in style.


Preseason test

Fans flocked in their thousands for a glimpse of the brand new Cars of the Future, quickly turning into a game of “Where’s Lowndsey?”.


Clipsal 500

The four-wheeled debut of Casey Stoner was the talk of… well, just about everywhere.

But it was Craig who stole the show and the chequered flag by a spectacular 20sec margin.


Top Gear Festival

A weekend of race cars, motorbikes and Jeremy Clarkson? You don’t need to ask us twice!


Australian Grand Prix

It wasn’t our finest weekend on track, so let’s focus on the off track highlights. Because this was bloody awesome!



It was a promising start when Car #1 got its first pole of 2013, but we were slightly worried to see Jamie celebrating with an imaginary friend.

Meanwhile, Craig found 97 rips in his tyre and a strong smell of dog food. Not to single any driver out or anything…



It was a long and difficult drought – no wins since Winton 2012. But the return to Pukekohe was a return to the winner’s step for J-Dub.

As much as it would have meant to win the inaugural Jason Richards Trophy, especially for Jamie as a former team-mate, the rightful man won it on the day.

And then proceeded to destroy the podium.



Jamie Whincup: a weird hybrid of Forrest Gump and Ricky Bobby.

Records are there to be broken. Craig’s 91st win marked Red Bull Racing Australia’s first 1-2 finish…

…As well as Triple Eight’s 100th win. Champagne anyone?



It’s lucky there were some good results in Texas…

… Because we came very close to losing a driver. Looking a bit too comfy there Craig.



We came up with a new cocktail in Darwin, The Winner’s Circle – champagne and Red Bull. And man does it taste good. (Disclaimer: this is a metaphor only, that concoction sounds disgusting. Try it at your own risk.)


You didn’t need those tyres, right CL? When you’ve just clocked up your 92nd win though you can do what you like!



Never mind State of Origin, Johnathon Thurston’s biggest battle came in the form of Craig Lowndes and a mini car race.

Townsville marked a return to the wheel for the CEO, the first time since Bathurst – only this time with wings.



Another two pole position cheques straight into the Christmas party piggy bank. Thank you very much.

Champagne in one hand, trophy in the other and the championship lead extended. Let’s not mention the tyre failures…


Now wings out, foot down and bring on the rest of 2013.