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2014 Gallery: Your halfway highlights!

A big thank you to everyone who sent in photos of your highlights of 2014 so far, there were some fantastic entries. Here is our pick of the bunch, but a big congratulations to Melanie Cossor whose family photo from Townsville steals the show. Don’t forget that we always love to see your pictures so make sure you send them to us via Twitter and Instagram – @redbullracingau #redbullracingau

Ar-Jay Bennet – meeting the boys in Perth is my highlight and both Craig and Jamie making it on the podium was awesome too! It was my brothers first time and watching you guys race he is hooked as much as I am.



Ashleigh Forster – Jamie was so very kind to us before going into the trailer at Townsville he stopped to say hello to our daughter Abbey. She was excited to have met him. I am so very happy that he was nice enough to take the time out of his day to meet her. Thanks Jamie.


Ben Kelso – Craig Lowndes watching the boys push Steve Richards back out for another round of laps. What I like about this photo is Craig’s concentration on the image in front of him.



Brett Morris – Taken with the legend Sunday morning at Townsville.  As always, he was very gracious to spend time to sign autographs and have photos taken on his way back to the trailer.


Chris Paralikas – Always happy to sign stuff for the fans. The most approachable guys in the paddock.

Keeley Wakefield – Practice makes perfect! Ipswich test day

Jaimi Martin – The 2014 Young Officials Team meeting Craig and Jamie the Thursday of the F1 Grand Prix.


Geoff Musgrave – The Red Bull Salute. Taken on Sunday at Townsville 6  July 2014 as JDub was doing his post race lap. The boys have worked long and hard building this latest generation car for the kids.


Garry Casey – Red Bull Cars 1 and 888 on the podium in Darwin.


Danny Ashdown – the Red Bull boys put on a great show on the weekend of Symmons Plains, and every time I look at this picture I can feel the rumbling of the engines, the smell of burning fuel, and the sound of the gearbox snapping into fifth as they fly past me.

Leanne Groves – My three young boys made Craig and Jamie a loom band bracelet each in the Red Bull colours of blue, red and yellow. They gave them to the guys at the Sunday autograph session at Symmons Plains. Both Craig and Jamie were very gracious in receiving them which made my boys’ day. Jamie put his straight on. Thank you guys, this small acknowledgement of their handy work really made my little boys’ day!


**WINNER** Melanie Cossor – This is my all time favourite photo EVER! This was taken at the Townsville 500 and it is of my mum from Wagga NSW and my three kids. So three generations cheering on the Red Bull boys… This may never happen again, we had an absolute great time in Townsville and the guys were an absolute pleasure to meet. Thanks a lot Red Bull!


Mel Whalley – P1 and P2 at Symmons Plains for Red Bull Racing Australia.


Shane Morton – at Pukekohe this year. Doesn’t matter if he’s winning or losing Car 1 is always great to see, along with his positive attitude to the team and other drivers.


Wil Ah Tong – I moved to Australia a couple years ago to a little town called Mackay. Never thinking I’d ever get a chance to meet these legends, I was beyond ecstatic when I heard they would be coming to this little town. This photo means so much to me as it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity I thought I’d never get and therefore stands as my greatest Red Bull Racing Australia moment of 2014.