2016 – Go hard or go home!

16 race weekends, 9 months, 2 International stops – BRING IT ON!

After a highly anticipated wait, the V8 Supercar calendar for 2016 has been released and like a bull at a gate, the RBRA team are ready to charge into 2016 – horns first!

Team Owner Roland Dane applauds the agenda saying, “It’s an excellent calendar that achieves much of what was targeted by the Board of V8 Supercars. Very pleased to see a properly structured mid season break to allow everyone to catch their breath and for me to go to the Isle Of Man TT races.”

The calendar will also see the team head over to the bright lights of KL in August and wrapping up the season earlier at the end of November in Sydney.

“Finally, by finishing in November, I should be able to easily make it to Phuket for the annual Kings Cup Regatta! Happy Days!” says RD.

Hey, we can’t argue with that, happy boss = happy life!

Next year’s calendar is going to be packed, but if you can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen. These bulls are ready to rumble.