5 things we learned from the 2015 Enduro Season

With the Enduro Season done and dusted, we asked Team Manager and Car #1 Lead Engineer Mark Dutton to tell us five things the Red Bull Racing Australia team learned throughout this years Enduro Cup.

1.      It is possible for Lowndsey’s smile to be bigger than it already is! He just needs to wrap up another Bathurst, taking his total to six.

2.      It is possible to do a lap in two minutes and four seconds around Bathurst…Just ask JDub.

3.      Kenny Mac builds the best engines.

4.      A can of Red Bull Summer Edition goes down well at any time of the day. Especially at a scorching Gold Coast!

5.      Beef Jerky speeds up set-up days. We had record track set-up days at both Bathurst and Gold Coast thanks to our new beef jerky sponsor Local Legends. Red Bull + jerky = happy team. Happy team = productivity!