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Bathurst Top Ten Snaps

It was a fine week in Bathurst with blue skies and hot temps… That was until Sunday, when it poured just after the beginning of the Great Race! Relive all of the action with some of the best snaps below.


Sun shining down… 

For a short while anyway…



The drivers parade had a great turnout… The corvettes were a nice touch too!



Hmmmm…. Wonder what they’re listening to?!


Serious squad

*Quick, the camera’s on us, look busy and act like you know what you’re doing!*


Enduro pit stops

Organised chaos in the rain


The rains are here!

Yep, the heavens opened and the rain poured on Sunday of all days!!


The waiting game

Feet up! J-Dub resting his feet ahead of his final stint… Which didn’t turn out to be as long as we all expected 🙁



That view… It never gets old. Rain, hail or shine!


Counting sheep

Yep, it’s a long weekend and PD’s taking any opportunity he can get for some ZZZ’s.


Epic 10/10 committed fans

You came, it rained and it poured… But you all stayed put and cheered us through another tough day on the mountain – we can’t thank you enough!