Now we have a small break ahead of us we are finally able to track down those hard working crew members who are always too busy with their heads under a bonnet to grab a hold of.

Enter – David Cauchi.

JDub’s right-hand man has come into 2016 with all guns blazing (we don’t mean your biceps Cauchi) to get that coveted number one back on the door. With Jamie sittin’ pretty on top of the leader board, the proof is in the pudding that hard work really does pay off.

Another fantastic weekend at QR for Jamie and the team, how does it feel to have a lead in the championship?

It’s a nice time to take a bit of a lead when we only have one round to go before the endurance races. I am not getting over excited yet as we still have a lot of racing to go but it’s always good to be leading. Still plenty of racing to come…

How would you say the car is performing?

We are a little more comfortable with the car now. We didn’t roll out at QR very speedy, but I was happy with how we were able to recognise where we lacked strength and go for a different direction, which ended up working reasonably well. As always, with car performance, there is still more to improve which is the same for everyone.

The competition is especially fierce this year; do you believe JDub has what it takes to take home his seventh championship win?

This year will come down to the smallest of margins, as we have seen in the first half of this year. For sure, JDub’s championship winning experience will come into play when we get down to crunch time in the last few races. I have the best man for the job.

How will you be spending these next four weeks downtime leading into Sydney Motorsport Park?

Sleeping in, lazy days on the beach, mountain bike riding… Ok, that’s not exactly true. The racing calendar so far has been demanding for everyone with short turnaround times from race to race. So it is in some way time to back it off the rev limiter a little, but we also want to move ahead with some development and get as much as we can in order for the all-important endurance races coming up. I will spend some more time on the mountain bike, going to CrossFit and re-introducing myself to some friends and family.

How are you feeling about the enduros with JDub and PD? Not far away now….

I love the endurance races. It is fun to get the CEO [Paul Dumbrell] on board and go racing, they make an awesome combination. We have some unfinished business to take care of this year so bring them on.