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Townsville Top Ten Snaps

There’s no better way to quench thirst than with champagne and the whole Triple Eight crew did just that in Townsville. Three podium finishes and a long-awaited win for car 88 mark it as an event to remember from 2017, so here are our favourite snaps from the week that was.


Run, Forrest, run!

The Triple Eight Race Engineering drivers got their blood pumping with a run up Castle Hill, Townsville

Run up Castle Hill, they said. It’ll be fun, they said…


You can always count on Townsville to shine…

Townsville really does shine on Shane van Gisbergen!

Although it actually stopped shining on Monday, so we’d like to think the sun came out just for us.


… And then have some of the best sunsets anywhere

The Townsville sunsets are pretty good too

Headlights on, coming through!


Family time

Triple Eight Race Engineering Holden Commodores at the Townsville 400

They say three’s a crowd. We say three’s a family!


Eyes on the prize

David Cauchi talks to Jamie Whincup of Red Bull Holden Racing Team at Townsville 400

These two winners did not take their eyes off the top step of that Townsville podium.


Fan boys!

Jimmy Barnes with Red Bull Holden Racing Team and TeamVortex staff at the Townsville 400

These Working Class Men Lay Down Their (rattle) Guns when it got (almost, not really) Stone Cold after dark to Ride the Night Away with Jimmy Barnes. After all, there’s No Second Prize for anyone Going Down Alone.


Got your back

Red Bull Holden Racing Team celebrating Jamie Whincup's win at the Townsville 400

When you need a little boost to see over the wall to celebrate car 88’s first win for the year you can always count on super tall teammates like Dutto.


It’s on like Donkey Kong

Red Bull Holden Racing Team on the Townsville 400 podium

We’re now halfway through the 2017 championship and it couldn’t be hotter at the top.


Those good old champagne showers

Jamie Whincup sprays Red Bull Holden Teammates with champagne at the Townsville 400

The only time it’s better to spray it, not say it.


It was all a blur

Red Bull Holden Racing Team qualifying Townsville 400

Overall, the week was one big blur. On to the next one!