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Dutto: “We feel more comfortable on the old tyre”

Last week, the Next-Generation Commodore hit the track. Next week, the Bathurst 1000 begins!

But does that mean we’re stretched too thin? Apparently not, according to Red Bull Holden Racing Team Manager Mark “Dutto” Dutton who said the team have managed to “divide and conquer” going into the Bathurst 1000 this year.

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“It’s no secret how busy we have been with all the other projects this year,” Dutto said.

“The team has been flat out… Everyone’s worked really well together and we’ve got a lot of good people who overlap each other and we’ve got each other’s back.

“We make sure no stone goes unturned.”

Despite the team knowing the track like the back of its hand, we’re constantly looking for new ways to have the one up.

“There are always slight differences, whether there are rule changes or things you’re learning along the way,” said Dutto.

“You try to do it better every year but then you also try and adjust to the changes.”

However, sometimes going back to the old faithful is a good thing and reverting to last year’s specification Dunlop tyre could be a blessing.

“We feel more comfortable on the old tyre,” said Dutto.

“And I don’t like saying that because in the past we’ve arguably been one of the best teams to adapt and change to conditions including the tyre, so that’s something we’re working hard on.

“We clearly had the quickest car at Bathurst last year – #88 was quickest in all sessions.

“We’re confident we’ll be quick but that doesn’t mean that others won’t step up – we know they have.”

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And putting his weatherman cap on, what conditions is Dutto looking to expect next week?

Anything and everything – and that’s probably the best way to do it!

“Bathurst is a long enough day for the weather to change a fair bit so you have to be prepped for everything,” said Dutto.

“It’s last year’s tyre and we had a better control of last year’s than this year.

“We weren’t happy with our wet-weather work in Sandown so there is definitely some homework to do there, but we think we have some answers and ways to move forward if that’s needed.”

With just seven days to go, the team is on the downhill straight to the Great Race and Dutto said they’re in good shape and raring to go.

“We’ve had extra workload but we’ve been quite sensible and efficient so we haven’t had to have anyone here until midnight every night or anything like that.”

There’s nothing left for us to do from here, but leave the talking to the track.