Fatality Free Friday: Will you take the pledge?

Leave the hair-raising speeds and nose-to-tail action to Lowndesy and JDub on the race track. There’s a time and a place!

With one week to go until Fatality Free Friday, we’re urging our fans to get on board with this fantastic initiative and take the pledge to make our roads a safer place.

Our friends at Caltex are proud supporters of Fatality Free Friday and at Red Bull Racing Australia we recognise that every individual is the key to road safety. That’s why we’ve taken the pledge.

Thankfully the number of fatalities on Australian roads continues to fall year on year, but every road user can make the effort to not speed, be more aware of their surroundings without unnecessary distractions and use safety equipment like seat belts for motorists and helmets for motorcycle riders and cyclists.

Fatality Free Friday calls for people to take the pledge to do all of the above for just one day a year in the aim of not a single death occurring on that day.

If you want to join the Red Bull Racing Australia team and thousands of other road users in making Australia’s roads a safer place, click here to take the pledge and make 29th May 2015 a completely Fatality Free Friday.


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