Only our mates at O’Brien Auto Glass can make learning fun. JDub and SVG visited the crew to have another crack (no pun intended) at a challenge*. The boys went head-to-head to see who can repair a chipped windscreen the fastest, despite some questionable techniques. Check out the video below.

*No shoes or dogs were hurt during this production, however, there was a meatball sub fatality. #RIP #gonebutnotforgotten


O’Brien Red Bull Racing Chip Repair Challenge

Did you know a small chip in your windscreen may lead to a crack? To see how easily and quickly this could happen, the Red Bull Racing Team recently head to our Morley Branch and tested the limits of the O’Brien van. They replicated the impact that debris flying off the road could have on your windscreen, and the guys then learnt how to fix the damage with a quick chip repair challenge! Who do you think won this time? #RBRA #OBrienAutoGlass #NotTheMeatballSub

Posted by O’Brien on Sunday, 29 May 2016