Live Diary: 2018 Supercars Test Day

5:45pm We caught up with J-Dub following the test day to see how he felt about the car:

“To be honest, it was a bit of a tough day. We tried to make some big changes but it took a long time to change and so we didn’t get as much running time in it as we would’ve liked – and I didn’t go quick enough at the end. The new car has potential but we certainly didn’t extract it today. There’s still plent more to be done before we head to Adelaide.” 

5:00pm That’s a wrap on our huge test day…. SVG finished the day with a combined result of P4 (1:29.211) and J-Dub slipped into P8 (1:29.377).

4:00pm One hour to go, this will the most precious 60mins as it’s the last opportunity for the team to test before the Adelaide 500. We’ve seen that many changes today, we’ve lost count!

3:00pm We’re feeling the afternoon slump starting to kick in… No time like the present to grab a refreshing Red Bull can to keep us going.

1:00pm JDub and SVG about to get back out on the track. SVG checks in with Shippy to look over the data while a few changes are made to his beast.

12:30pm Pit stop practice was hectic but we got some good time in. Now for some well-deserved lunch…

11:30am Time for some pit stop practice, this is where our pit crew need to work together and communicate under pressure. We have a couple of new kids giving it a good crack today as well, let’s see how they go.

9:00am We’re off!

8:45am: Drivers are suited up and almost ready to go… We hit the track in just 15mins.

6:00am: Well, here we are again… Another year, another test day but this time we’ve brought our brand new next-gen Holden Commodore along. Time to set up before testing starts at 9:00am (all times in Sydney time).