Sunday 6th November 


Shane Van Gisbergen – Car #97

Qualifying 3 – First (Fastest Lap: 1:02.9107)
Qualifying 4 – Second (Fastest Lap:1:02.7018)
Race 3  – Third
Race 4 – Second – JR Trophy Recipient
Championship standings – First ( 3089 points)

Jamie Whincup – Car #88

Qualifying 3 – Fifth (Fastest Lap:1:03.0939)
Qualifying 4 – First (Fastest Lap: 1:02.6857)
Race 3  – 25th
Race 4 – First
Championship standings –  Second (2898 points)


Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97

“I choked a few tears back knowing I had won the trophy. I am the first Kiwi to do so, I have such fond memories of JR (Jason Richards), and to do it in front of my home crowd was pretty special. We increased the championship lead, which is a bonus, but we have a fair bit of a break between here and Homebush, which is boring, to be honest. The first race today had its moments, a few mistakes made, but I made up for it and managed to grab third, the car was great. I am in a pretty special place with the car and the team at the moment, I am very lucky.”

Jamie Whincup – Car #88

“My car was quick, and I made the mistake and took out my teammate in the first race today. I have apologised, thankfully it didn’t affect car #97 too much and they got a podium. We had a flyer of a final race there, the car was good and it felt great. It is going to be hard work to grab the championship, but I am not scared of a bit of hard work. I am going to work hard till the very end, I owe it myself and my team. End of the day, we are all a team, we will all keep working together right to the very end.”

4:02pm – It’s looking like a wet track ahead of this afternoon’s race as the temp begins to fall at track.

3:20pm – What an intense battle between SVG and JW. SVG managed to secure P3, with JDub in P25 after serving the pit lane penalty. But, “all good bro” as SVG said. Sometimes mistakes are made! That won’t affect this afternoon’s performance whoever, with the duo locking out the front grid again.

1:12pm – Never get sick of these snaps.


12:25pm – That’s a clean sweep of poles this weekend in NZ, with JW taking P1 and SVG P2 in the final qualifier.

12:00pm – SVG claims another pole in qualy 3, with JW in P5. #poleking

9:12am – Not all heroes wear capes. Car #88 engineer Cauchi getting his time on the big screen.


8:01am – Final day at Pukekohe Raceway! With yesterday’s awesome results we hope to bring home the JR trophy today.

Saturday 5th November 

7:56pm – SVG has taken it upon himself to force upon us a local delicacy – “Chocolute Fsh” (Chocolate Fish). Nothing like a sugar high to get you through the night.


Shane Van Gisbergen – Car #97

Qualifying 1 – First (Fastest Lap: 1:02.5122)
Qualifying 2 – First (Fastest Lap: 1:02.2186)
Race 1  – Second
Race 2 – First

Jamie Whincup – Car #88

Qualifying 1 – Second (Fastest Lap: 1:02.5177)
Qualifying 2 – Second (Fastest Lap: 1:02.2667)
Race 1  – First
Race 2 – Second


Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97

“I didn’t want to give the lead up in race two, it was an epic battle. I knew I had to be in front, Jamie (Whincup) did pull some good passes, it was pretty cool, we gave each other enough room and it was awesome. We improved our car from the first race to the second, so the pace was great. We are here to score as many points as possible, to get the JR trophy would be awesome. Between Jamie and I, to clean sweep the day for the team was great. It’s cool to do it at home and for the local crowd, let’s do the same tomorrow. The weather will spice up tomorrow, I hope it is dry.”

Jamie Whincup – Car #88

“The start is critical on any fast flowing circuit, I didn’t get a good start in race two, but I had a great crack. It is always fun to race fast and fair. We are all here for a good race, we battled it out, I am proud that we could stay ahead of the pack and have such a good battle with Shane (van Gisbergen). The championship is still in my sights, it’ll be game on until that very last lap on Sunday at Homebush. But, as I have always said, you just take it one race at a time and do your best, which is what we are doing.”

3:15pm – That’s a 1-2 on the podium! JDub grabbed the lead early, powering him to cross the finish line in P1, with teammate SVG close behind in P2.


1:04pm – The #97 crew looking suitably prepped for this afternoon’s Super Sprints.

Shane van Gisbergen of Red Bull Racing Australia during the ITM Auckland SuperSprint, at the Pukokohe, Pukokohe, , November 05, 2016.

12:24pm – Make that two out of two! SVG and JW lock out the grid again. Both races today will see the bulls at the front of the grid.

11:58am – SVG gets a roar from the crowd as he jumps out of the car with a fist in the air. SVG claims pole for Race 1, with JW in P2.

10:40am – Chur to the Kiwi’s we saw today – we have one last signing session tomorrow again at 10:10am local time, so make sure you don’t miss out.


9:30am – Two back to back autograph sessions?! Does it get any better!? Make sure you head over to our merch tent to get your goods signed (if you have a merch card) but if you missed out, get to the back of our garage for a 10:10 session – everyone is welcome.

8:00am – It’s another wet morning here in Pukekohe, so no doubt plenty of action ahead on the track. But first thing’s first, time for breakfast!


Friday 4th November


Shane Van Gisbergen – Car #97

Practice 1 – Second (Fastest Lap:1:03.0437)
Practice 2 – First (Fastest Lap: 1:02.4611)
Practice 3  – Fourth (Fastest Lap: 1:02.2079)

Jamie Whincup – Car #88

Practice 1 – Third (Fastest Lap: 1:03.1104)
Practice 2 –  Sixth (Fastest Lap: 1:02.7567)
Practice 3 – First (Fastest Lap: 1:02.1183) *new lap record*

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97

“I was pretty excited to get into the car today. The car has a great setup, one of the best I have ever had around here. Tomorrow’s weather is meant to be ok, but this track isn’t very good in the wet, so it could all be very dicey. Getting grip was the main focus in today’s practice, which I think we did well. For me, even though the championship is there, it is the same as any other weekend, so I look forward to racing hard.”

Jamie Whincup – Car #88

“Eventful day for car #88, I tried to write the car off early but managed to stay on the black stuff. The black stuff has much more grip than the green stuff, just in case you wanted to know. Combine the wet with the hard tyre, it makes it pretty crazy. The weather will make this weekend an interesting one, but the car pace has continued from the Gold Coast which is good, however, it is all about getting the track right as there are some tricky spots scattered all over.”

2:10pm – SVG snagged a lap time of 1:02.461 in the second practice session this afternoon at Pukekohe Park Raceway, the quickest lap time to date.

1:50pm – A tricky session with plenty of sand and suprise drifting sessions (thanks JDub). SVG in P1 and JW in P6. Final practice session kicks off late today.

12:32pm – We are hoping the track dry’s up before this afternoon’s practice session.


11:04am – We clock our first practice session across the ditch with a P2 & P3. Next session is 1:10pm local time.

10:45am – Quick stop during practice. The track is just a bit TOO wet.


7:11am – Classic NZ weather. Awesome sunny day yesterday, rain and wind today. Get those wets ready boys!


Thursday 3rd November

4:42pm – Check out SVG’s new helmet! How sweet is it?! #choicebbro


3:11pm – Just chilling on the grid.


1:53pm – FAST FACT – SVG scored his very first VASC win on Kiwi soil in 2011, though it was on the streets of Hamilton not at Pukekohe.

12:12pm – SHIPPY ON PUKE -“I really like the challenge of tuning the car to suit the Pukekohe track.  The hardest feature is probably the variety, some very high load and bumpy corners, a tight hairpin, kerb riding the first sector, fresh asphalt at the back chicane, there is lots going on.”

10:34am – FAST FACT – JDub has never qualified outside the top eight at Pukekohe since joining Triple Eight – three poles and seven front row qualifying performances.

9:03am  – Arrived safe and sound – but of course she would – our mates at Virgin have us covered!


7:19am – Rise and shine it’s prep time! Time to unload those cargo containers and set up our garage for the weekend ahead.

Wednesday 2nd November

11:32am – We are traveling to Auckland today, so please excuse our tardiness!

9:12am – JDub gives us the lowdown on how a strong weekend in Auckland will keep his title hopes alive >>


Tuesday 1st November

3:12pm – “I had a great run here last year and bringing home the Jason Richards trophy was awesome, let’s hope we can continue our great pace in NZ.”

JDub has busted out the coloured pencils to give us some of his finest work.


Turn 1 – Massive speed hump in the middle of turn 1, not ideal to blow a tyre here, hey Lowndesy!

Turn 2 – Time to get a bit airborne, but don’t use too much kerb, or Barg’s will steal your time away.

Turn 4 – Get out of here well and you’ll be humming down the back straight almost a quick as a Volvo.

Turn 5 – Super deep under brakes and the new grippy surface.

Turn 8 – The hairpin, 45 different lines in, and 36 on the way out, if you work out whats best please let me know as I’m still confused.

Turn 11 – One of the best corners you will drive, so fast, so loose, can make or break your lap.


2:31pm – Don’t miss your chance to see the drivers in the land of the long white cloud. Don’t forget, signing cards are a must for all sessions outside our merchandise tent.


Date: Thursday 3rd November

Time: 12:00 – 1:15pm  

Location:  Aotea Square, Queen St, Auckland


Date: Friday 4th November

Time: 11:40 – 12.00pm

Location: RBRA merchandise shop, on track

Note: Signing card required*


Date: Saturday 5th November

Time: 9:40 – 10.00am

Location: RBRA merchandise shop, on track

Note: Signing card required*


Date: Saturday 5th November

Time: 10:10 – 10.40am

Location: Back of team garages


Date: Sunday 6th November

Time: 10:10 – 10.40am

Location: Back of team garages



ITM AUCKLAND 500 – Pukeohe Park Raceway

Circuit length: 2.91km

Circuit direction: Clockwise

Average speed: 157km/h

Maximum speed: 265km/h


Championship standings

1st – Shane van Gisbergen, 2812 points

2nd  – Jamie Whincup, 2664 points

3rd – Craig Lowndes, 2472 points

4th – Scott McLaughlin, 2351 points

5th – Will Davison, 2235 points