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Live Diary: Bathurst 1000 Sunday

7:30pm – We quickly caught up with the guys to see how they felt post-race… Here’s what they had to say:

Jamie Whincup – Car #88 Driver
“Our job today was to hang in there and minimise mistakes and we were on track to do that. The car was reasonable, we fixed our speed issues from the weekend. The car was quick and we were hanging in there, running in the top six or seven, just waiting for the end of the race. Then it’s crazy how things change. One minute we’re fine, then boom – next minute, I heard something break in the engine, then it went off-tune. That was day over, I just knew it straight away. You battle for seven hours for something so simple to turn the day so quickly. It’s tough, it’s motorsport, but we know that when we engage in it, how fragile it can be and unfortunately, it’s been another tough day at the mountain.”

Paul Dumbrell – Car #88 Co-Driver
“There we have it – Bathurst is the typical character building day and more so today with the wet weather conditions. I made a few mistakes, including running off the track. Going out there we were looking half okay and then we had engine issues which is really disappointing. It was still a good show for the fans and we were hoping to bring home a win with Shane however, once again a disappointing result for the team. We did however gain some championship points to keep us second in the running, so there is some silver lining, and we can roll onto the Gold Coast now.”

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
“We were pretty happy with our race car today, we did a good job the last few days to make it good and we had a pretty good opportunity to win today. Matty (Campbell) made a couple of mistakes, but rebounded really well every time and his pace was exceptional. Our car was very hard to drive and that caught him out a couple of times, but otherwise he did a really good job. At various stages we were competitive, then when we weren’t we still fought back from it, but I just made too many mistakes at the end there, misjudging the conditions, being the pioneer at the end there and we threw it away.”

Matt Campbell – Car #97 Co-Driver
“From my point of view, my performance was a little bit frustrating. I was getting turned around a few times in the slippery conditions out there. We had some good pace when I was in the car but I just made a couple of small errors and they weren’t good enough. As we’ve seen today, it’s Bathurst and it throws absolutely everything at you and today just wasn’t our day. ‘Gizzy’ drove fantastically and these conditions suited him to a tee. He put on a great show and came though the field really well and we led a few times too so it was all there but it wasn’t to be today unfortunately.”

6:28pm – And there we have it… Another typical Bathurst day… It was tough!

6:20pm – Jamie is back out on the track, woohoo!

5:59pm – Ahhhhh the carnage inclues Shane, time to reset and see how we can go from P10.

5:43pm – The rain starts to pour… And the carnage ensues…

5:15pm – The slicks go on and SVG re-enters ahead of Chaz.

4:55pm – Nup, he’s back… And for a long time at that.

4:53pm – Jamie’s back on track, lets try to salvage some championship points at least!

4:44pm – SVG pits and has elected for wets… Let’s see how this plays out… Meanwhile J-Dub is still in the garage

4:39pm – J-Dub pits and the team investigate the trouble

4:36pm – Or not…

4:24pm – J-Dub jumps in to bring it home

3:01pm – DIY squeegees for PD

2:37pm – 75 laps and we have our first safety car

2:15pm – SVG is back in to splash around in the puddles

1:48pm – PD conserving the energy before his next stint…

1:13pm – Four tyre changes, fuel and J-Dub’s in!

12:49pm – PD… The master of multitasking, cleaning the windscreen at 270km/h

12:04pm – Next in is PD – let’s see what the CEO can do.

12:00pm – Matty jumps in the car but gets turned around at The Cutting… He recomposes himself and is on his way.

11:10am – And we’re off! SVG and J-Dub take the track in slippery conditions.

10:50am – Drivers are lined up on the grid for the national anthem… And then the rain starts to sprinkle…

9:30am – Warm-up complete, time for the driver’s parade around the mountain.

7:36am – Warm up is in 29mins stay tuned…

7:10am – The Sandman V6 TT cuts its last lap – if you missed it, check it out here.

6:30am – Happy Bathurst Day!!! The biggest day of the year is finally here…