Sunday 6th March


Jamie Whincup – Car #88
Qualifying Race 3THIRD (Fastest Lap: 1:20.5746)
Top 10 ShootoutFIFTH (Fastest Lap: 1:21.5218)
Race 3 – 16TH

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
Qualifying Race 3FOURTH (Fastest Lap: 1:20.6564)
Top 10 ShootoutTHIRD (Fastest Lap: 1:21.3190)
Race 3 – 10TH

Jamie Whincup – Car #88
“What on earth just happened then? The biggest problem was we didn’t have enough pace in the wet and I also turned around twice. We all stayed calm and took the curve balls as they came but we were on the wrong end of the bargain today. I said to the boys as I was crossing the line that we need to use this as motivation. It’s going to be a tough year so we just need to keep doing a good job and we should be there at the end.”

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
“The start was good, we ended up driving to the lead. When we put the slicks on we dropped back a bit but in the end I am not too sure what ended up happening. I finished up 10th but all the strategies and fuel drops are hard to work out so I’m not too sure how it all finished the way it did. It could have been much better.


5:37pm – What a wild ride. Congrats to LDM on their first ever win! SVG finished 10th, JW finished 16th.

5:06pm -BACK AT EM’ with just over 10 minutes left.

5:04pm – J-Dub just asked for a Red Bull whilst sitting in pitlane #givesyouwings

4:53pm – RED FLAG. The race is suspended.

4:36pm – Rain is back and heavier than ever! SVG in P8, JW P16, but it really is anyone’s race at the moment.

4:28pm – GARAGE GOSSIP –  JW to Cauchi: “if it rains, we need wets. If it doesn’t, we’re good.” If only you had a crystal weather ball in that bull of yours J-Dub!

4:01pm  -63 laps remaining and we can’t look away. SVG sitting in P2, JW P17.

3:50pm – Nail biting stuff….SVG is dancing on ice (well, rain…!)

3:29pm – GARAGE GOSSIP – Our weather guru says we’ve had 2-3mm fall since first being on the grid.

3.22pm  -When it rains, it pours. A wet start to the 250km race.

2:36pm – Nearly time to kick off for the last race of the weekend. Just a mini marathon, no worries. Hoping to add a few more of these to the collection.


1:36pm – There is no doubt that rubber will be burning on track today.

Hot wheels

1:23pm -RBRA Overheard – Roland Dane on the heat – “This has the potential to be the hottest Clipsal ever.”

1:01pm – Top 10 positioning goes a little like this…. SVG placing P3, JW P5. #niceone

12:01pm – Both drivers make it into the Top Ten Shootout, JW P3, SVG P4. Ohhh it’s going to be a colourful afternoon!

9:08am – The word on the street is – “It’s hot” end quote.

7:15am – A snap shot of what’s on today. It’s your last chance to see the drivers to get your goodies signed, so make sure you grab a signing card from the merchandise tent!

Sunday for web


Saturday 5th March


Jamie Whincup – Car #88
Practice 3 – EIGHTH  (Fastest Lap: 1.20.6247)
Race 1FIRST 
Race 2 – SECOND

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
Practice 312TH (Fastest Lap: 1.20.9826)
Race 1THIRD 

Jamie Whincup – Car #88
“It’s certainly been a good day. Unfortunately in the second race we didn’t quite get off the line which was the story of the race. We pushed as hard as we could but James Courtney ran a good race and the best we could do was second. A first and second finish on day one, we’ll take that and move on to tomorrow.”

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
“It’s one of the hottest days we’ve had racing in a long time. It’s been good to be in the new colours and finally get racing. The first race we ran really well and ended up in third but the car wasn’t quite to our liking. The car was awesome in the second race but we got held up in the pit stop but we’re running hard tyres again tomorrow so it’s looking promising. To have both cars in the top five both races is a pretty good start.”


5:16pm – Strong results today. JW in P2 for the last race of the day, SVG taking home P5.

5:05pm  – 10 laps left till this scorcher of a day is over… Courtney and Whincup will look to fight till the end for P1. SVG not far behind slowly creepin. #creepinandpeepin

4:17pm – See, this is why we can’t have nice things… Car #97 already making a mess.


3:00pm – We’re fans of the number eight but to win the first race of the season nine years in a row is pretty damn special.

2.48pm – BOOM! First race of the season. JW P1, SVG P3. Hello double podium.

1:40pm – GRID GOSSIP – Car #97 Mechanic Matty Cook telling SVG on the grid “Mate, you’ve got this, let’s aim for the podium.”

1:30pm – Big congrats to our mate Craig Lowndes on his 251st round start. You’re a legend!

11:31am – FUN FACT – Whincup starts the next race 3 wins away from joining Lowndes in the 100 wins club.

11:06am – JW P8 & SVG P12. The top 14 in the third practice session were all on the soft tyre. #themoreyouknow

10:10am – Driver’s helmets are now on show at the back of the garage. #loudandproud


9:00am – Head down to the merch store – you’ll find us there.


Friday 4th March

10.20pm – The team is still pushing hard in the garage. We are confident in a strong performance tomorrow.

9:10pm – SVG has permanently decided that the media A trailer is not for him after interrupting a late night jam session.


Jamie Whincup – Car #88
Practice 115TH (Fastest Lap: 1:21.3830)
Practice 2SECOND (Fastest Lap: 1:19.7444)
Qualifying Race 1 – SECOND (Fastest Lap: 1:20.1093)
Qualifying Race 2 – SECOND (Fastest Lap: 1:20.4552)

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
Practice 1FOURTH (Fastest Lap: 1:20.8315)
Practice 2THIRD (Fastest Lap: 1:19.8215)
Qualifying Race 1 – SIXTH (Fastest Lap: 1:20.2752)
Qualifying Race 2 – FIFTH (Fastest Lap: 1:20.6082)

Jamie Whincup – Car #88

“The car is solid but of course we don’t settle for second best so we’re disappointed not to get a pole position. All in all we can’t be too unhappy with two second places in qualifying, it puts us in a good position for tomorrow. It’s been great working with Shane today, he drives very similar to me and both cars are competitive. We’ve got to keep it up though if we want to achieve the results we’re after.

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97

“We were happy with the practice sessions today. It gave me a good chance to get comfortable in the car and in tune with the set-up. We just didn’t get the most out of the car in qualifying which showed in our results. Our sectors were good today so we’ll be working on the lap times for tomorrow.”


4:20pm – Tomorrow will see the driver’s start P2 (JW) and P6 (SVG) for race 1, and P2 (JW) and P5 (SVG) for race 2.

3:57pm – JW finished P2, with SVG P6 in the first qualy sesh of 2016.

3:46pm – Qually is underway, let the racing begin!

2:25pm – Have you seen our new boom? It’s pretty snazzy if we say so ourselves…. Shout out to Dutto for this epic cool brain child of his. #boomtown


2:00pm – Practice 2  completed. JW P2, SVG P3. Next up,  2 x qually’s this afternoon.

1:29pm – JW and SVG currently 1/2 in the second practice round of the day.  Still early days though with 30 minutes to go.

1:14pm – Practice 2 is about to kick off. Bulls at the ready!

11:12am – Practice 1 done. Both drivers feeling confident with SVG finishing P4 and JW P15.

10:55am – FUN FACT: SVG holds the practice lap record at the Clipsal 500. He clocked  a time of 1:20.0084 last year.

10:43am – Both cars enter the garage for a quick once over. Both SVG and J-Dub sitting pretty with great times at the top of the leaderboard.

10:40am – SVG warming up on track now.


10:25am – The first practice session of the season is about to kick off. 40 minutes in total.

10:05am – RBRA Overheard: SVG ahead of today’s practice sessions –  “I am ready to just get into the car and start racing, it’s been a busy few days of PR & media.”

7:30am – Pit stop practice before a huge day on track.


Thursday 3rd March

5.40pm – Boys will be boys! SVG has found himself a car to steer on Thursday at Clipsal. We think hes excited to get in the car tomorrow!

4.30pm – Next stop, Autobarn Mile End. We’ll be there from 5.30pm so come say hi!

3.55pm – We’ve just dropped in to visit our friends at O’Brien Green Fields. J-Dub owes them a slab of Red Bull for fixing the mirror on his scooter. Cough up mate!


2.55pm – SPOTTED – J-Dub cruising through the streets of Adelaide on his scooter #downtown

9.15am – Don’t forget to get over to the merch tent at 2pm local time for our on track merch signing.

7:03am – SPOTTED – J-Dub throwing in the gloves to become the new Red Bull Racing Australia Lollipop Man. The boys don’t look to impressed by his skills…

Lollipop man


Wednesday 2nd March

5:35pm – See what all the hype was about today at Rundle Mall.

Clipsal 500 – Red Bull in Rundle Mall from RedBikiniTV on Vimeo.

4:12pm – We are here and getting well and truly settled in.


12:09pm – Rattle guns at the ready boys!


11:00am – We are hitting the streets of Adelaide! SVG is taking car 97 out for a spin.


Tuesday 1st March

4:43pm – We have arrived at Iveco in Adelaide, come say hey!

2:56pm – You picked it, now use it – #ClipBull500

11:40am – HEADS UP – JW and SVG will be at Iveco, Burton, in Adelaide this afternoon from 4pm – 5pm local time.

11:03am – Chatting with SVG ahead of the Clipsal 500 (first race with us… no pressure mate!)

It’s been a massive build up with lot’s of excitement. This will be my first time racing with Red Bull Racing Australia. I have always enjoyed the Adelaide street track, so I can’t wait to get there and make my mark.”

10:18am – A quiet hush falls over the workshop. It’s been non stop since…well….Homebush last year! Who knew the workshop could look so clean?



Monday 29th February

2.30pm – Our top 3 entrants have been picked for our Clipsal 500 hashtag. Head over to our Twitter page here to cast your vote.

9:02am – Chatting with J-Dub ahead of the Clipsal 500.

Clipsal is one of the biggest events on the calendar and a great way to kick off the 2016 season. We took home the Teams Championship last year, but the drivers (championship) got away from us. I had a great Sunday at Clipsal last year, and after a strong test day I am feeling good.We come into the event on a level playing field, but you can never discount anyone.”


Sunday 28th February

10:30am – Departed T8 HQ, en route for the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide.

Clipsal Map


The Stats – Clipsal 500 – Adelaide Parklands Circuit 

Circuit length: 3.22km

Circuit direction: clockwise

Average speed: 146km/h

Maximum speed: 251km/h

Fastest point: Adelaide Straight

Slowest point: Hairpin