Sunday 18th June


Jamie Whincup – Car #88
Qualifying Race 2 – Third (Fastest Lap: 1:05.8269)
Top 10 Shootout – Second (Lap Time: 1:06.0562)
Race 2 – Second
Championship – Third (1,314 points)

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
Qualifying Race 2 – Sixth (Fastest Lap: 1:05.9050)
Top 10 Shootout – Fifth (Lap Time: 1:06.2350)
Race 2 – Third
Championship – Fourth (1,152points)

Red Bull Holden during the CrownBet Darwin Triple Crown, in Darwin, Australia, June 18, 2017. Red Bull Holden during the CrownBet Darwin Triple Crown, in Darwin, Australia, June 18, 2017.

Jamie Whincup – Car #88

“The car was much better today, we made a good gain overnight. The car was good to drive and competitive. We maximised our performance again in qualifying and the shootout, which was great. We went into the race and gave it everything we had, we absolutely made the most of it. We led from the start, the car was quick at the start, we just didn’t have tyre life over car 17. I’m always a big believer that the fastest car should win and it did this weekend. We were the second quickest car and we maximised points, which I’m happy with. Ultimately it was just pace that dropped us back behind Scott (McLaughlin). The other car took on a little bit more petrol and then closed that gap, so he was easily going to jump us at the end there. We were never beating car 17, they were the fastest and fast cars win races.”

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97

“The guys did a lot of work overnight to fix the car. It was mechanically sound, but still we have some issues there that we have been chasing all weekend. We overhauled the car again after the shootout, but it was good to make the shootout even though we had so many problems, so we were happy with that. In the race we had the same issues and no traction also. The car was still fast, but again, horrible to drive, so to salvage a third was great. We had a really good battle at the end there. We had a five-car chain that we were holding out and it was pretty exciting racing. We have a lot of work to do to improve, but I’m so happy with how our guys worked this weekend. They’ve never given up and they’re always chasing problems and working so hard. We’ll celebrate tonight and in the next few weeks we’ll make the car better.”

12:45pm – Get your bets in, peeps, it’s almost time to race!

11:36am – The shootout has been shot! J-Dub and SVG progress a spot each to start P2 (whoop, front row!) and P5 respectively.

10:44am – FAST FACT! Shane has taken part in every single Top 10 Shootout since Bathurst 2012. That’s a massive 28 shootouts in a row! He’s about to make it 29…

10:08am – Solid qualifying efforts from the guys to take both cars into the Top 10 Shootout. Jamie came home P3 and Shane improved on his second run to finish to P6. Now time for a speedy debrief before the shootout at 11am!

9:36am – Get your qualy hats on, it’s almost time to hit the track!

9:15am – First True Colour Track Walk of the year and it was a cracker, as always.

True Colour Track Walk at Hidden Valley, Darwin Triple Crown

7:44am – This time tomorrow these beasts will be rolling across Australia en route back to Brisbane. Thanks to our friends at IVECO for keeping us on the road!

IVECO RBHRT transporter at Hidden Valley, Darwin Triple Crown

6:55am – Nothing like the sound of rattle guns to get the blood pumping!

RBHRT pit stop practice during the CrownBet Darwin Triple Crown, in Darwin, Australia, June 17, 2017.

6:15am – Relaxing Sunday planned? Pfft, not on our watch!

RBHRT Darwin Sunday 2017 at Hidden Valley

Saturday 17th June

9:54pm – It’s still full swing in the RBHRT garage, late night ahead for the crew. Nothing a few good beats can’t help with!

7:50pm – Debrief has just finished. It was a long one, but hopefully a productive one. Onwards and upwards tomorrow.


Jamie Whincup – Car #88
Practice 3 – Sixth (Fastest Lap: 1:05.9647)
Qualifying Race 1 – Ninth (Fastest Lap: 1:06.0464)
Race 1 – Fourth

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
Practice 3 – Ninth (Fastest Lap: 1:06.0647)
Qualifying Race 1 – Fifth (Fastest Lap: 1:05.9527)
Race 1 – DNF

Jamie Whincup of Red Bull Holden Racing Team during the CrownBet Darwin Triple Crown, at the Hidden Valley Raceway, Darwin, Northern Territory, June 16, 2017. Shane van Gisbergen at Hidden Valley, Darwin, Race 1

Jamie Whincup – Car #88

“Obviously our day was hampered by a poor qualifying position in ninth. The car’s not as good on new tyres. It’s really good on old tyres in race spec, but not so good for qualifying spec. I feel like we made the most of the situation though. We had a good strategy and a good race car and we maximised our starting position of ninth. We’ve just got to try to qualify better tomorrow. I think if we can qualify up there we should be in a good place.”

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97

“The car is still baffling us today. We’re still fast, but it just feels horrible. We couldn’t fix anything, but we stayed fast. We qualified okay and the race was going alright, but we must have been too aggressive with the setup and popped the right rear tyre, so that’s a shame. It put us at the back. I was trying to come through, I don’t think I was desperate. I was calculated with all the passes, but I just got in with Garth Tander and the first hit broke the steering and I couldn’t turn, so it’s a real shame not to finish the race.”

3:20pm – The countdown is on. Let’s race.

Jamie Whincup during the CrownBet Darwin Triple Crown, in Darwin, Australia, June 16, 2017.

2:19pm – Oh, and SVG says hello!

2:18pm – That’s qualifying done. Not our true speed, but SVG heads us up with a P5 start and Jamie qualified in ninth.

1:14pm – Phew, that was a manic few couple of hours! Heads down now, it’s all about qualifying.

10:47am – It may be a fair wait until qualifying, but that doesn’t mean we let the drivers have a rest. Meet and greets, autograph sessions, corporate visits – it’s all happening!

10:20am – Plenty of testing done in the third and final practice session. Jamie finished P6 and Shane P9. Saving the speed for qualy! #nopointsforpractice

9:08am – Practice prep is a strenuous job. Do you think he spotted us?

Shane van Gisbergen in the Red Bull Holden garage at Hidden Valley

7:11am – Pit stop practice done, time for breakfast. Best advice in motorsport? Eat a big breakfast ’cause you don’t know when you’ll get time to eat again!

6:20am – Time to turn practice into results.

Hidden Valley, Darin Saturday

Friday 16th June

5:49pm – Drivers’ briefing, then off to the annual Minister’s Reception. No doubt it’s going to be a big one, being the 20th anniversary of Supercars at Hidden Valley and all. We love it here!


Jamie Whincup – Car #88
Practice 1 – Fourth (Fastest Lap: 1:06.6141)
Practice 2 – FIRST (Fastest Lap: 1:06.0360)

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
Practice 1 – Third (Fastest Lap: 1:06.6065)
Practice 2 – Ninth (Fastest Lap: 1:06.3500)

Jamie Whincup during the CrownBet Darwin Triple Crown, in Darwin, Australia, June 16, 2017. Shane van Gisbergen during the CrownBet Darwin Triple Crown, in Darwin, Australia, June 16, 2017.

Jamie Whincup – Car #88

“Since the resurfacing you can actually do some testing around here. We changed the car quite a bit during and after the test day last week and made some good progress there. It’s all setup changes underneath. We are skinning the cat very differently to what we were and I’m looking forward to seeing if it’s any better or not when it matters in qualifying and the races. The car is much better than it was at Winton. It’s all positive stuff, we’ll just see how it performs when the rubber comes down over the race weekend, but so far so good.”

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97

“It wasn’t a very good day. The car just doesn’t feel normal, something has been broken all day, so we’ve got to find out what it is. We’re not sure what it is, otherwise we would have fixed it. We were still okay, it just doesn’t feel like our normal car. Something is quite bad. We’re still quick, but it just feels horrendous, so hopefully we can fix it. We had too many problems today to get a feel for the track, we’re just chasing our tail round in circles. Luckily we get another practice session tomorrow.”

2:52pm – Practice two coming at you!

Red Bull Holden Racing Team during Darwin Triple Crown in pit lane

1:10pm – Solid start to the weekend. Shane takes P3 in the first practice session, with Jamie just behind him in P4.

12:31pm – Practice is in full swing. Man, it feels good to be back on track!

11:36am – The general consensus amongst the RBHRT crew is that we can’t get on track soon enough. It feels like forever since we went racing!

10:45am – “I love the heat, I can’t stand the cold. Even though I grew up in Melbourne!” Sounds like Jamie is set for this weekend in Darwin then!

10:15am – At the track? Don’t forget to kit yourself up RBRHT-style!

Jamie Whincup SHane van Gisbergen merchandise store Darwin

7:00am – Can’t wait for some serious track time!


Thursday 15th June

5:30pm  -We are at Mindil Beach! How is that for a sunset!

4:54pm – Just gaining a few extra fans… Jamie gave superstar (and newest RBHRT fan) Delta Goodrem a tour of the Transporter.

11:12am – SVG ON DARWIN – “As a Kiwi, I hate the heat! But, the track is a lot of fun. We had great success here last year, so here is hoping we can do it all again!”

10:02am – We were never that good at Hide and Seek…. #hidden

9:00am – Good Morning Hidden Valley!


Wednesday 14th June 

11:30am – Super awesome fans of ours – we’ve got some bad news. Due to powers out of our control, we have had to cancel this afternoon’s signing session at Kerry Holden in Darwin. We promise we will make it up to you with a win this weekend! Also – there are still plenty more chances to see the drivers – check out appearance times below.

10:23 am – General consensus around the workshop is that Darwin is our favourite round!

9:23am – FAST FACT – Nine of Triple Eights Darwin wins have come with Holden Commodores.


Tuesday 13th June

10:30am – Deals are coming in HOT! Secure yourself a piece of Holden History here!


8:13 am – Don’t miss your chance to meet the drivers!


Date: Wednesday 14th June

Time: 2:30 – 3:30pm  

Location: Kerry Holden, 1-25 Stuart Highway, The Gardens


Date: Wednesday 14th June

Time: 4:30 – 5:30pm  

Location: The Lost Arc, 89 Mitchell St


Date: Thursday 14th June

Time: 11:25 – 12:30pm  

Location: Raintree Park, Knucky St, Darwin CBD


Date: Thursday 14th June

Time: 5:35 – 6:45pm  

Location: Mindil Beach


Date: Friday 16th June

Time: 10:05 – 10:25am  

Location: RBHRT merchandise shop, on track

Note: Signing card required*


Date: Saturday 17th May

Time: 11:40 – 12:00mid  

Location: RBHRT merchandise shop, on track

Note: Signing card required*


Date: Sunday 17th May

Time: 8:25 – 8:55am

Location: True Colour Track Walk




Monday 12th June 

5:01pm – SVG took his first Darwin Supercars pole on Saturday last year – and backed it up with another on the Sunday.

SVG nabs his first pole for 2016

4:45pm – JW ON DARWIN – “It’s another challenge to try and better our opposition, the cars were good in Winton, but that doesn’t mean anything. It is a completely different kettle of fish in Darwin compared to the last round, let’s get to the warm weather and have some fun!”

3:12pm – Throwing it back to SVG breaking down the Hidden Valley track.

2:32pm – FUN FACT – JDub and SVG have finished in the top 10 in nine of the 10 races held so far this year. No driver has finished in the top 10 in all 10.

12:00mid  – The details.


Darwin Triple Crown – Hidden Valley Raceway

Circuit length: 2.9km

Circuit direction: Anti-Clockwise

Average speed: 149km/h

Maximum speed: 271km/h


Championship standings

1st – Fabian Coulthard, 1060 points

2nd – Jamie Whincup, 1056 points

3rd – Scott McLaughlin , 1032 points

4th – Shane Van Gisbergen, 1023 points

5th – Chaz Mostert, 861 points