Tuesday 6th June

5:45pm – Our full Test Day wrap will be up tomorrow with thoughts from all three drivers on today’s results!

5:02pm – That is a wrap! We couldn’t be happier with the end result. “Really great Test Day for all three cars, faultless running really. That is easy to say, but hard to achieve,” said Dutto.

4:00pm – Both JW and CL trade cars in the last hour of Testing.

2:32pm – Cauchi has just confirmed a car swap later this afternoon with Car #888 TeamVortex. “We are trying the same approach, just wanting something different from the results so we are sharing the data between teams.”

1:12pm – Dutto at half-time – “We have had such a clean and consistent run so far, it’s been pretty flawless. The main thing to take out of what we are doing is that there have been zero mechanical faults.”

12:02pm – We are pushing through lunch to get hose extra few laps in. Matt Campbell continues in car #97, clocking some quick times as SVG waits at the BBQ for a hard earned burger! Chur bro!

11:03am – Matt Campbell goes first flying lap in Candii (car 97)

Matt Campbell catches a ride

10:12am – If we had something to tell you – we would! It’s been an awesome start to the Test Day so far, with all three T8 cars running smoothly. Eyes are on Matt Campbell as he is the only enduro co-driver here today.

Red Bull and Supercars

9:00am – Dutto on conditions – “The track is clean and quick, it’s a great day for testing and the conditions across the board are playing in our favor. So far, so good.”

8:34am – We are out on track. The fog has cleared and the bulls are ready to charge.


8:00am – Don’t forget to head over to our Facebook LIVE today at 12mid to catch all the action from the Test Day as it’s happening.

7:20am – The brains are setting up for a big day on track.


6:30am – Test Track – what test track?

A foggy QR to start the day

6:15am – Early morning at the track – and we can barely see the track! Super fog at QR this morning combined with the cold – Brrrrrrr!


Monday 5th June 

4:00pm – The burning question every time we Test is – can we come watch? You are more than welcome to permitted the other teams that we share the track with don’t request it to be a “closed test”. With that said, as always respect the team and drivers and give us space – we are focussing!

3:16pm – Load her up Wazzie!


2:11pm – Testing, testing, 1-2-3. We have the cars nearly prepped and ready to hit the track at QR tomorrow morning for our mid-season test.

Car 97 ready for tomorrows Test Day  blank