5:30pm – We have some lucky guests jumping in the passenger seat with Jamie at the wheel! Hold tight guys!

5:00pm – So we’ve wrapped up the day. The co-drivers finished the day with a wet practice 3, PD in p14 and Matty in p23. Hear what all 4 drivers had to say:

Jamie Whincup:

“Today is a co-driver day, Paul (Dumbrell) has had two hours and twenty minutes of driving, which includes his Super2 campaign, I’ve had 30 minutes in the wet. Unfortunately the car is not anywhere quick enough in the wet but thankfully the weekend is looking pretty dry, especially on Sunday. We do have some work to do in the wet conditions, that’s for sure, but we have some quality engineers so we will see what we can do.”

Paul Dumbrell:

“It was a tough day, the first session started dry, we got two or three laps in and we were in the top five and quite close which was good, it gave us a bit of direction and confidence. With the rain later in the sessions, all three cars struggled, we threw different tyres on it and we didn’t really make any in roads. We’ve got a lot of soul searching and work to do over night but thankfully it’s not going to be wet on Sunday.”

Shane van Gisbergen:

“The conditions were very changeable today, the co-drivers got the majority of the running and we went out and played with the basics in the wet, tyre pressures and just getting comfortable in the car. Overall we didn’t learn too much for what the rest of the weekend’s weather’s going to be like. Matty (Matt Campbell) was really good in the dry laps he got in earlier in the day and in the wet then he was okay but we just lack a little bit but I think the rest of the weekend will be dry which will be good.”

Matt Campbell:

“This morning was really good in the dry. I got about five dry laps in then the conditions changed but I felt comfortable then. The last session was wet and I just struggled a bit against the other cars but we made a fair few changes and tried a few things which didn’t really work for us but we will have a sit down tonight and see what we can come up with.”

4:00pm – SVG watching on as Matty is at the wheel of #97. Wish you were in the seat Shane?


3:20pm -PD is a busy man this weekend doing double duties with racing in the Super 2 series. He’s getting plenty of kms under his belt!

2:15pm – A sprint from the garage to the transporter dodging the puddles and it’s straight to debrief. We think JDub and SVG will be pleased they won’t have to go back out in the rain this afternoon.

2:05pm – A very wet session ended under a red flag. SVG finishes up in p5 and JW just behind teammate Lowndesy in p7.

1:35pm- It’s dark and gloomy out there. Lights are on for a wet practice session


1:25pm – JW and SVG are kitted up and ready to jump in their cars. Practice 2 is just for the main drivers, lets see how they get on. Oh.. it’s still raining!

11:50am – Practice 1 is complete. The boys jumped out 5mins early as the rain started to fall, we are definitely in Melbourne! PD finished up in p5 and Matty in p10.

11:30am – SVG watching on as Matty uses pit exit for a practice start.


11:10am – Co-drivers PD and Matty will be at the wheel for the first practice session coming right up.

10:00am – First autograph session of the weekend and we have some awesome looking posters for the enduro season! Make sure you pick one up this weekend.


8:00am – Have you got your retro gear? It’s not too late. Head over to the RBHRT Official Store on track and get your retro on! If you can’t make it this weekend, don’t fear, you can purchase your shirt online here.

7:30am – The season of endurance has arrived!