Sunday 18th September


Shane Van Gisbergen / Alexandre Premat – Car #97

Warm up – 10th –  (Fastest Lap: 1:20.0547 )
Race 1  –  Second
Championship – SVG –  First – 2248 points

Jamie Whincup / Paul Dumbrell – Car #88

Warm up –  Seventh –  (Fastest Lap: 1:19.6916)
Race 1  –  13th
Championship – JW – Second – 2241 points


Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97

“Alex (Premat) had really great speed so we moved forward early. We did have to double-stack early and then the weather came, so it was all looking very messy there at one point. We took the pain, it was the safe option, maybe we could have risked going again, so I had a bit of a job to do when I got into the car. The car had awesome pace, we carved through. In the end, the HRT (Holden Racing Team) car had similar speed to us, so I had to charge through to try and catch them. I am glad they didn’t black flag that car because they typically would have, it wouldn’t have been a nice way to win if they did. It would have been a fun battle if there had been one more lap.”

Alexandre Premat – Car #97 co-driver

“We had a very good day. Starting seventh then finishing on the podium was a great result. It was pretty amazing and the end was very intense, I don’t think victory was very far from our reach at all. Maybe one more lap. It was my first race with the team, to get second on the podium is a great success. This is kind of like a warm up for Bathurst, we are focused on getting the win at Bathurst, so today’s result is a great boost.”

Jamie Whincup – Car #88

“It certainly wasn’t our day. We win as a team and we lose as a team. We didn’t do a good enough job today, we pitted at the wrong time and the drive-through penalty certainly didn’t help. We made an error and there are no excuses for that. We did try hard this weekend, so hopefully we come back stronger next time around.”

Paul Dumbrell – Car #88 co-driver

“We had good pace early on and had a great run in  both the wet and the dry conditions but we made a really simple mistake when I got  my seatbelt off too early and it’s just one of those really unfortunate things. We had the potential to get a great result today but we have to live with that.”

11:21am – Retro is out in full force today. Awesome to see everyone getting amongst it.


10:02am – Warm up session done-ski – SVG & AP P10, JW & PD P7. Bring on the 500!

9:35am – Warm-up time. I think we all need it! #freezing

8:12am – Well, Melbourne, it was nice whilst it lasted. Nothing like a wet track and some rain to make the 500km enduro race that little bit more interesting…..


Saturday 17th September 


Jamie Whincup / Paul Dumbrell – Car #88

Practice 4 –  First – (Fastest Lap: 1:08.9245) – JW
Qualifying – Second  (Fastest Lap: 1:08.8523) – JW
Qualifying Race 1  –  First – PD
Qualifying Race 2  –  First – JW

Shane Van Gisbergen / Alex Premat – Car #97

Practice 4 – Third (Fastest Lap: 1:08.9894) – SVG & AP
Qualifying – Ninth (Fastest Lap: 1:08.8523) – SVG
Qualifying Race 1  – Eighth  – AP
Qualifying Race 2  –  Seventh – SVG

Jamie Whincup – Car #88

“We had a great day here on track, how awesome is it that we have now reached our third pole, what a cool stat. The car has been great all weekend, it has been tough for PD (Paul Dumbrell) to be jumping between this car and his DVS (Dunlop Development Series)  car, especially now that the tyre is different, but he drove very well. The car got off the line good, at the same time the competition is very very quick also. It’s going to be a hard day tomorrow.”

Paul Dumbrell – Car #88 co-driver

“We had a great start, we put our head down to get a great result. It has been difficult swapping between the two cars with DVS as the tyres are different between the two. It is really cool to be able to get our third pole here, the car ran perfectly and the crew really deserved the pole. Who knows what the weather will be like tomorrow, we all know it can chop and change and rain will really challenge the outcome. We just need to focus like we did today to make the podium.”

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97

“In Qualifying Race One I just mucked up towards the end there and was far enough on the inside that I had four wheels on the kerb but our pace was really good so I can’t complain. We have a quick car and we’re racing for some decent points tomorrow. We qualified pretty average but the race pace of the car was really good, we passed a few people so we’re in a good spot for tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it.”

Alexandre Premat – Car #97 co-driver
“Today was not the day we were expecting, in terms of results it wasn’t what we had hoped for. Going through Qualifying Race One and Race Two, we tuned up the car really well. We have a strong car for tomorrow, which I am looking forward to. It was great to have one long stint of 20 laps, to get used to the tyre life. We had strong pace, Jamie (Whincup) had great pace too. We are really looking forward to tomorrow, I think it will be a good day.”

1:43pm – PD brings home the goods with a P1 in qualy race 1. This lines JDub up for top spot on the grid ahead of this afternoon’s qualy race 2. AP brings SVG forward a place, finishing P8.

12:45pm – Sandown action at it’s finest.


12:10pm – JW brings home P2 and SVG in p9. Next up is qualy race 1, which means the co-drivers take to the track for a hot 20 laps.

10:45am – Results are in. JW brings home P1 in the final practice session for the weekend. SVG not far behind in P3.

9:21am – Race weekend has kicked off. Just remember –


8:32am – A uniform approach. The drivers ready for the VASC autograph session.


7:20am – Enduros… The only time you’ll see Jamie at the track before breakfast. Must be time for driver change practice!


Friday 16th September 


Shane Van Gisbergen / Alex Premat – Car #97

Practice 1 – Third (Fastest Lap: 1:09.2858) – SVG
Practice 2 – 12th (Fastest Lap: 1:10.0392) – AP
Practice 3 – Seventh (Fastest Lap: 1:09.3869) – AP

Jamie Whincup / Paul Dumbrell – Car #88

Practice 1 – Fourth (Fastest Lap: 1:09.3022) – JW
Practice 2 – 21st  (Fastest Lap: 1:10.4917) – PD
Practice 3 – Ninth ( Fastest Lap: 1:09.5306) – PD


Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97

“It is great to be getting into the enduros. After a solid test day with Alex last week, I can’t wait to really get stuck into it this weekend. Today has been pretty low-key, we had a 30-minute practice session this morning and that’s pretty much it. It’s great  for the co-drivers to be getting into the car and Alex (Premat) has been tuning the car well and clocking some solid times. I am looking forward to the weekend.”

Alexandre Premat – Car #97 co-driver

“Today has been pretty good. We have been working hard and learning all the processes. We are happy with all our sessions today, we have done well and we have a good car. We are in a good position ahead of the weekend, and both Shane and I are feeling fast and ready for what day two brings.”

Jamie Whincup – Car #88

“It’s been a long day, as this format means a fair bit of waiting around. We had a short run this morning but it was just warming up the cars for the co-drivers to be honest. The car ran well, but today is really about the co-drivers getting in some laps. Being the first round of the enduros, it is important for PD (Paul Dumbrell) to get as many laps under his belt as possible in Alana (car #88). I’ve spent most of the day just rockin’ the retro threads and enjoying the atmosphere.”

Paul Dumbrell – Car #88 co-driver

“It was a disappointing day. We didn’t represent the car as well as we would have liked to. We had a few challenges getting the best out of the soft tyre, as we have a well-balanced car on hard tyre, so it was just finding that balance on the soft tyre. We are a fair way off where we would like to be, there is plenty of work for us to be doing overnight.”

3:21pm – Looking dapper JDub!


2:21pm – The co-drivers took to the wheel this afternoon in the first co-driver practice session. AP P 12, PD P21.

11:50am – Practice one went off without a hitch, both cars performing well. SVG P3, JW P4.

10:30am – Despite some looming clouds, the track is dry ahead of practice race one.

9:12am – Let’s get our retro on. Team – assemble.





Thursday 15th September 

12:30pm – The retro round is here. We’ve decided to bust out the tweed and overalls to embrace the round as a team.


9:08am – We are traveling today to Sandown, stoked to be bound for the enduros!


Wednesday 14th of September

12:56pm – SHIPPY ON SANDOWN – “As always car speed is crucial to getting the win at the 500km race, but this event also exposes any weaknesses in cars, drivers and crews.  It is imperative to be mistake free throughout the lead-up and race weekend because there are plenty of combinations capable of winning this race.”

10:16am – CAUCHI ON THE SANDOWN CIRCUIT – “It is a bit like a street circuit without the walls. It has big kurbs at turns 2 & 3 and can be bumpy on the exit of corners.”

9:34am – What’s a casual champagne shower between centurions?

8:02am – FAST FACT – Triple Eight has won five of the last seven Sandown 500s and four of the last five.  The team has also won the pre-Bathurst 500km enduro five of the last six years – at Phillip Island in 2010 and 2011 and Sandown in 2012, ‘13, ‘14. #themoreyouknow


Tuesday 13th September

2:45pm – Tune in tonight to Fox Sports (ch 506) to see JDub on the screen. He’s talking all things centurion, enduro’s and much more.

1:23pm – JDub’s got the countdown going on. Only two days to go.

12:32pm – How’s this for a snapshot. Don’t miss out. We’ve got a sweet two-for-one deal on drivers this enduro season.


11:21am – FAST FACT – Holden has won 19 Sandown endurance races, more than any other manufacturer.

10:15am – SVG takes on Sandown (with the frenchie!)

9:42am – FAST FACT –  Triple Eight are aiming for their eighth win in the pre-Bathurst, 500km endurance race. They could be the first team to ever achieve this. #goteamgo

8:21am – Fresh of the press, you bet, new RBRA Enduro posters heading to Sandown.

7:12am – Don’t miss your chance to meet the drivers this weekend.



Date: Thursday 15th September  

Time: 10:30 – 11:30am

Location:  Caltex, Springvale


Date: Thursday 15th September  

Time: 5:45 – 6:45pm

Location:  Autobarn, Clayton


Date: Friday 16th September

Time: 9:55 – 10.15am

Location: RBRA merchandise shop, on track

Note: Signing card required*


Date: Saturday 17th September

Time: 8:30 – 9.00am

Location: Behind team transporters


Date: Saturday 17th September

Time: 9:05 – 9.25am

Location: RBRA merchandise shop, on track

Note: Signing card required*


Date: Sunday 18th September

Time: 11.20 – 11.50am

Location: Behind team transporters


4:02am – *yawn* Bye bye Wazzie, safe travels!


Monday 12th September 

6:02pm – Final stages of packing nearly completed. Eat.Sleep.Load.Repeat.

4:45pm – Did we ever mention we are REALLY good at Tetris?


4:21pm – SHIPPY ON SANDOWN – “I have no doubt that both Shane and Alex will bring their A-game to the next three events.  I can tell that they are both excited about the opportunity for success, and will work together to deliver the maximum possible results.”

4:07pm – Draining the fuel and filling it with Red Bull. #itsourscretweapon


3:35pm – FAST FACT – JDub and PD are aiming at their third straight Sandown 500 pole position.

3:02pm – Right, the truck is being packed to the brim as we get ready hit the old dusty trail bound for Sandown Raceway. Wazzie is off to bed as he needs to be on the road at 4am.


Sandown 500 – Sandown Raceway 

Circuit length: 3.1km

Circuit direction: Anti-Clockwise

Average speed: 142km/h

Maximum speed: 261km/h


Championship standings

1st – Jamie Whincup, 2109 points

2nd – Shane van Gisbergen, 1972 points

3rd – Craig Lowndes, 1911 points

4th – Mark Winterbottom, 1836 points

5th – Scott McLaughlin, 1749 points