Sunday 28th August 


Jamie Whincup – Car #88
Qualifying Race 2 – Third (Fastest Lap: 1:29.5387)
Race 2 First  (100th race win)
Championship positionFirst – 2109 pointsShane van Gisbergen – Car #97
Qualifying Race 2Second (Fastest Lap: 1:29.4760)
Race 2 Fifth 
Championship positionSecond – 1927 points
Jamie Whincup – Car #88

“I would be lying if I said there wasn’t a sense of relief having secured my 100thSupercars win. It’s an honour to join the likes of my teammate Craig Lowndes with this milestone. Today was a fitting day for the win, the car was ordinary in the first stint but the team dragged me up and we managed to get a fast pit stop at the end there. In terms of looking forward, I’m not trying to tick any particular boxes. I’m just out there for the fun of racing. We like racing hard and going round in circles as quick as we can and getting to the finish line first. The feeling of winning never gets old, it definitely drives me. There are a lot of people who represent the 100 wins and I’m grateful to all of them.”

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97

“We didn’t have quite as good a car as yesterday so we didn’t have the pace for the top three but we were the best of the rest. I got spun out at the end which wasn’t very good but I only lost one spot so I still managed to bring it home. A big congratulations to Jamie Whincup for winning his 100th Supercars race, that’s pretty cool. Now we’ll have all of our focus on the start of the endurance season. We’ve got testing in a weeks’ time so it will be great to get my co-driver Alex Premat in the car and up to speed so we can both give it a good crack at Sandown.”

12:34pm – You can catch all the snaps from the weekend on our online gallery HERE.

12:00pm – A heard of bulls follows Chazzie into the final SuperSprint of the season. SVG in P2, JW in P3 with CL following in P4.

9:00am – Another glorious day at SMP. We are heading straight to an autograph session so head over to our merch tent to say hello!

Saturday 27th August


Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97

Practice 3 – 22nd (Fastest Lap: 1:30.9574)
Qualifying Race 1Second  (Fastest Lap: 1:29.0806)
Race 1  First 

Jamie Whincup – Car #88
Practice 3 –  Ninth (Fastest Lap: 1:30.3102)
Qualifying Race 1 Third (Fastest Lap: 1:29.1480)
Race 1 Second


Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97

“The first stint was quite good, we managed to get to the front but then it got pretty variable from there. After the pit stop we covered the lead, we pushed hard and kept moving forward to hang onto the lead. After Jamie (Whincup) pitted he came out fourth and gained on me quickly. I knew I had to be strong and managed it from there really. Awesome battle, really intense, but it was even better for the team to have a one-two again. The car has a few things we need to tune, but we are out front, so those things are minimal.”

Jamie Whincup – Car #88

“Ultimately the whole day came down to track position. We qualified behind car #97, and everyone had great pace. As far as my car went it really was good, we had great pace and the whole crew performed seamlessly and really maximised the performance. At the end of the day, we fought hard and I really enjoyed the battle. Shane (Van Gisbergen) ran wide at turn one and left half a car’s width, so I took that, and took to the grass, it was great racing. I want to highlight that there aren’t team orders, we are racing hard, but first and foremost we are not doing anything wrong by each other. I thought everyone did a great job, everyone did great, we will take second place and go one better tomorrow.”

2:32pm – Got to be happy with P2 and P3! SVG will be starting on the front line with JW just behind ahead of this afternoon’s race. Yewww!

1:22pm – Last practice session of the weekend see’s JW come in 9th, SVG in 22nd. AP is in town and watching on the sidelines.

12:22pm – When the boss is away, the Koalas will play! We jazzed up RD’s desk for his return.


11:14am – Head over to our Twitter to check out JDub and SVG battle it out in our merch store! How many items of RBRA Merch can they put on in 30 seconds?

10:12am – There you have it, RD is now an official Aussie, he even has the certificate to prove it. Next Straya Day party is at RD’s!

9:01am – The sun is shining on another awesome day at SMP. Bear with us folks, we weren’t on track till 1pm but there is still plenty to see and do!


Friday 26th August 


Shane Van Gisbergen – Car #97

Practice 1 – Eighth (Fastest Lap: 1:31.0740)
Practice 2 – Second (Fastest Lap: 1:29.8191)

Jamie Whincup – Car #88

Practice 1 – Sixth (Fastest Lap: 1:31.0230)
Practice 2 – Ninth (Fastest Lap: 1:30.0727)


Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97

“It was hard to know where we sat today. We had really average tyres, so we put some better ones on at the end which got us up there. The car feels really good as usual, we just have to push on into tomorrow and see how we go in qualifying because we don’t know really where we sit at the moment. Both sessions were pretty much the same story, sliding around everywhere, the track is so hard on tyres. We all have the same issue, which is nothing new, but it makes it very hard to really understand where everyone sits.”

Jamie Whincup – Car #88

“It was a good day. The new car feels really nice, which makes me really happy actually! We didn’t get it together at the end there, we were actually quite slow at the end, but that is what tonight is for so we can work out what happened. Most of the session we had great pace, it was more towards the end where we just did not maximise when we could have. But a bit of homework tonight should see us up there and we can push into the weekend with confidence.”

1:30pm – First practice off the rank, JW P6, SVG P8. Rain cut the session 4 minutes short as most drivers decided to pit.

10:32am – Guess who is becoming an official Aussie tomorrow?


9:45am – Don’t forget to get one of our signing cards over at the merch tent for this morning’s autograph session. We will be there from 11:30am.

8:20am – Thank you, Sydney, for bringing the sunshine out for us. It may be cold, but it makes pit stop practice that bit easier.


Thursday 25th August 

6:34pm – Great turn out tonight at our T8M8 exclusive meet & greet. So awesome to see all our mates!


2:12pm – Squad goals.


12:00pm – Lunchtime. Mario’s famous burgers washed down with a Red Bull – yes please!

11:25am – We are celebrating with Lowndesy ahead of his 600th race round today. Let there be cake!


9:00am – Touchdown! We have reached Eastern Creek and Sydney has put on the sunshine. Time to unload and unpack.


Wednesday 24th August

2:19pm – Incase you missed it – check out the LIVE Q&A our mates at Caltex had with the three amigo’s this afternoon.

TeamVortex & RBRA Live Q&A

Posted by Caltex Australia on Tuesday, 23 August 2016

1:46pm – SVG ON SMP – “Tight corners and some great turns. This is a great track! I’ve had a break from racing for a couple of weeks, which is a change for me, so I can’t wait to get back in the #97 bull and burn some rubber.”

11:29am – Today only! Make sure you grab your Dad what he REALLY wants this Fathers Day. None of this socks and undies crap……..


9:10am – Hoping for more of this at SMP!

8:21am – First cab off the rank is SVG and JDub who are Sydney bound this morning. Get ready to trade miserable rain for…..miserable rain!

Tuesday 23rd August

1:54pm – JDUB ON SMP – “I am looking forward to getting back to the track and giving Alana her first run. It is always exciting to have a new car, and I have huge confidence in her ability to perform.”

10:10am  -Don’t miss your chance to meet the drivers over the weekend –

Thursday 25th August

4:00 – 4:45pm

Westfield Parramatta

Thursday 25th August

6:15 – 7:15pm

Autobarn, Westfield, Mount Druitt

Friday 26th August

11:30 – 11.50am

RBRA merchandise shop, on track

Note: Signing card required

Saturday 27th August

9:00 – 9.30am

RBRA merchandise shop, on track

Sunday 28th August

9.30 – 10.00am

RBRA merchandise shop, on track

9:00am – We are out of here! Eastern creek here we come!


Monday 22nd August

3:24pm – Incase you missed it, here’s JDub on SMP.

2:14pm – We are crack-a-lackin on packing the cars into the transporter ahead of tomorrow’s departure. We think Tybo and Cauchi look like they are having too much fun….back to work boys!


1:02pm – Check out the stats!

Sydney SuperSprint – Sydney Motorsport Park

Length 3.905km
Direction Anti-Clockwise
Average Speed 154km/h
Top Speed 265km/h

 Championship standings


1st – Jamie Whincup, 1821points

2nd  –  Shane van Gisbergen, 1711 points

3rd Mark Winterbottom, 1701 points

4th – Craig Lowndes, 1671 points

5th – Scott McLaughlin, 1536 points