Sunday 3rd April

5:06pm – Current Championship Standings –

3rd – Jamie Whincup –  393 points

7th – Shane van Gisbergen, 347 points

4:22pm – Well, you win some, you lose some. Today was proof of just how quickly the tables can turn. We had a solid start in qualifying and the final race, however a series of unfotunate events lead us to poor results. We can still reflect on the great success and results from yesterday and head into Phillip Island wiser.

Race Wrap –

Jamie Whincup – Car #88
Qualifying Race 2 Fourth (Fastest Lap: 0:51.1986)
Race 2 –  19th 

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
Qualifying Race 2 Second (Fastest Lap: 0:51.1934)
Race 2 –  DNF

Jamie Whincup – Car #88
“I got a good start, however, I got unlucky with the safety car and having to stack. But, I am not complaining about stacking, that’s what the game is all about. I made a rookie error, locking a wheel on cold tyres, and I ended up in the gravel trap. I then found myself in there a second time, going into another car in the gravel trap and doing damage to the car. Just gutted, gut-wrenching for the team. We had two fast cars all weekend and to walk away without a result is hard to take. But, as we all know, that’s motorsport,we engage in this sport knowing these things will happen.”

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
“We qualified well in third, close to the front again. Awesome racing at the start and we had a great pit stop. At the end, we had really great pace and pulled away, but I just mucked up at the hairpin where the oil was and I just couldn’t stop and got stuck. So, 150 points down the toilet really. We had fast cars all weekend, we were the quickest, it’s a real shame that it ended that way.”

12:30pm – Have you checked out our weekend Gallery? We’ve got some great snaps of all the action at Symmons Plains.

12:12pm – SVG grabs P2 at the last qualifying session of the weekend, with JW in P4. It’s going to be one to watch!

10:59am – MYTH BUSTED – We don’t sleep in the transporter. We may work long nights, but fortunately for us we always go back into town to a nice comfy bed. So no, 40 of us don’t cram into the transporter for some shut-eye. (Well, Wazzie might sneak a nap or two in the front cab!)

9:47am – SPOTTED – J-Dub getting in and amongst the True Colour Track Walk, grabbing a selfie* with the crowd.

*Jamie would like us to note he doesn’t endorse the use of selfie sticks (but you can’t blame us for trying!)


8:19am – A chilly morning here at Symmons Plains ahead of our last day at the track. It was a late night for the crew, but we are bright eyed and bushy tailed ready for another big day.


Saturday 2nd April

9:03pm – Sure, our bulls couldn’t have clocked up any better results today, but that does not mean we rest on our laurels. Tools in one hand, Red Bull in the other and we’re set for another long night of chasing perfection.

6:47pm – To sweeten what has already been a cracker of a day, we secured Holden their 500th win! The first manufacturer to claim the title, we are stoked we could share this win with you guys. #LetsGoThere

Race Wrap –

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
Practice 3 – 14th (Fastest Lap 0:51.6573)
Qualifying Race 1Third (Fastest Lap: 0:51.1877)
Race 1 First

Jamie Whincup – Car #88
Practice 3 – 18th (Fastest Lap: 0:51.8429)
Qualifying Race 1Seventh (Fastest Lap: 0:51.4094)
Race 1 Second

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
“It was a great day. I qualified well, it was such a close one and I just got behind the front two on the grid. The race was just exciting from the very start, I got amongst all the action early. I had to pass Jamie for the lead, but he tried to come back when he had the chance, so it was just really great racing. I’m stoked to get my first proper win for Red Bull Racing Australia, all the guys are pumped, one-two for the team is awesome. Taking out the milestone for Holden with the 500th win was icing on the cake, I am so glad I could contribute to it.”

Jamie Whincup – Car #88
“Our race was compromised starting from seventh place after qualifying, so strategy was key, that’s why we pitted early. The car was running well after the issues we were having earlier in the day. I was a bit of a sitting duck there holding out P1, Shane (van Gisbergen) was a lot quicker than I was, so I let him through on turn three, no point holding him up.  Everyone in the crew is really happy, it’s awesome to take a one-two and to get that 500th win for Holden, fingers crossed we can back it up tomorrow.”

2:59pm – Meeting of the minds after the qualy session. SVG will start P3, JW P7.

Meeting of the minds

2:10pm – What’s with the siesta? We need a Red Bull pick me up before we head out for qualy.

12:32pm – Spotted – SVG hooking into Mario’s stir-fry lunch. Actually, the whole crew is! Nothing like stocking up on those greens and washing them down with a Red Bull ahead of a big afternoon of racing.

11:35am -Final practice session of the weekend has just finished up. SVG P14, JW P18. The cars are all warmed up and ready to head into qualifying soon.

9:30am – RBRA Overheard – SVG on True Colour Track Walk – “This is my first one with Red Bull Racing Australia, I think it’s going to be a little more full on than previous years.” Mate, you know us, bigger is always better.

7:35am – Ok, it’s cold. But nothing warms you up faster than pitstop practice! Love the sound of rattle guns in the morning…


Friday 1st April

8:57pm – Hello? Is anyone there? Sure enough, we’re the last team at the track, but it’s all for a good cause. The #88 Commodore had an engine change after Practice 2 and we’re pleased to confirm she’s in and running smoothly. Now, where are the car keys?

7:25pm – A little birdy might have told you that someone (Jamie Whincup) is approaching his 100th win. Now, we’re never ones to tempt fate – RD has drilled that into us – but with J-Dub on 98 wins, we can’t help but get a little excited. Here’s what the six-time champ thinks about the imminent milestone: “If it happens, I’m not sure what that means until it does. You never know when your next win is going to come, but if it happens I’ll know how I feel about it then. It’s almost embarrassing standing on the top step of the podium like a lone ranger sometimes, but if the 100th wins comes, the guys and girls in the team know it’s their 100 wins as well”. Team work to the core.

4:04pm – Don’t want to close your eyes? Don’t wanna miss a thing? Check out the telecast times for tomorrow here #aerosmith

Practice Wrap –

Jamie Whincup – Car #88
Practice 1  Second (Fastest Lap: 0:51.9364)
Practice 2Third (Fastest Lap: 0:51.4987 )

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
Practice 111th (Fastest Lap: 0:52.0726)
Practice 2Fourth (Fastest Lap: 0:51.5082 )

Jamie Whincup – Car #88
“The car is there, or there abouts. It is a bit dirty out there due to the new track measures being put in since last year, matched with the wind, there is a bit flying around. Weather plays a huge part down here, but we are good enough to sort out any issues that could arise. All today’s timings were crazy close, it’s a tight track and everyone has a good go on it. It’s a tricky track to pass anyone on, so I think over the weekend pit stop strategy will be important. I know there is a lot of chat about records being broken this weekend, but I am keen to just get out there and race my best.”

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
“I am feeling really good in the car. This round we get a chance to have plenty of practice time, which is always nice. Everyone managed to put down a good lap in the end, it’s good to know where we are so we can do some good work on it tonight. They’ve got some new sand traps out there that haven’t settled so there is plenty of dust around given it’s such a windy day. The new safety measures are a really great, let’s just hope the dust settles.”

3:03pm – JW snags P3 with SVG right behind him in P4 for the final practice session on the day.

1:43pm – You know what’s coming in really useful today? These things. Stay warm, people!

12:30pm – J-Dub finished P2 and SVG P11 after a solid first practice session.

11:19am – FUN FACT – Symmons Plains is J-Dubs most successful track, with him clocking up 11 wins in total here.

8:35am – Car #97 number three mechanic Kurt Kosteski brought home the bacon! Crossing the finishing line first and bringing in $5,000 for the Wings for Life Foundation. #niceone

Diary 1

6:04am – Pinch and the punch for the first day of the month. Don’t be an April fool and get down to the track!


Thursday 31st March

3:00pm – Off to visit our friends at Autobarn Launceston! Come on down for a meet and greet from 4pm – 5pm.

1:19pm – IYDK (if you didn’t know) – Tomorrow morning teams will be sprinting for victory in the UBET Charity Sprint – a 100-metre run down pit straight, with a $5000 prize donated to their specified charity. Our very own Kurt Kostecki will be running for RBRA to win the prize for the Wings for Life Foundation, so no pressure Kurt, it’s not like we are competitive people or anything…. #youbetterwin #wingsforlifefoundation

10:03am – RBRA Overheard – J-Dub on why he has success at Symmons Plains – “It’s probably because I get lost easily if there are too many corners! Symmons Plains has only four real turns and is super easy for the simple minded to remember.”


Wednesday 30th March 

3:09pm  – RBRA Overheard – JW on the circuit – “It’s funny, you drive past the pits and then start heading out of town till you realise “hang on where are we?”  So you chuck a U-bolt and head back again.”

12:53pm –  Whose ready for turn four? #bringonthehairpin


Symmons Plains

10:21am – RBRA Overheard – SVG on Launceston – “I like it because it reminds me of home. Although the people and the town are different, the weather and scenery are fairly identical to NZ. So it’s a pretty nice part of the world. NZ is better of course!”


Tuesday 29th March

1:17pm – We’ve just received word that the eagle has landed, and by that we mean Wazzie has arrived at Symmons Plains. Keep those bulls safe until we get there tomorrow Waz!

12:34pm – Did you know? Triple Eight Race ENgineering has won more races at Symmons Plains in championship history than any other – 15 in total. Those 15 race wins have come from the last 22 races in Tasmania – an amazing strike rate since the team took its first race win at the venue in 2007 with Jamie Whincup in Race two. #themoreyouknow

8:50am – We are back in the office after a much needed long weekend. Time to add another notch to our belts after a weekend of indulgence. No rest for the wicked, we head to Symmons Plains tomorrow.



Monday 28th March 

2:31pm – RBRA Overheard – J-Dub on Tassie – “It’s weird, every year we mange to get 30,000 heads on the hill but only sell 15,000 tickets!” #cheeky

11:03am – Come in Wazzie, can you hear us? What’s the trick to the long haul drives and getting through them? “It’s important to have a great night’s sleep and a Red Bull, or three. I like to listen to Guns and Roses and the John Butler Trio to pass time but I always make sure I have good long rest breaks.”


Sunday 27th March

9:08am – A very Happy Easter from all of us here at RBRA. Now if you excuse us, we are going to go and eat our body weight in chocolate.


Saturday 26th March

11:35am – RBRA Overheard – SVG on Symmons Plains – It’s a great little track. Although it looks small and basic on paper there is a lot to it. The ‘rollercoaster’ section at turn one, two and three is very cool. The cars get light over the crest before hooking left over the bumps through turn two. Then you have to try to accelerate up the hill! The hairpin is also quite a cool feature. It’s the tightest and slowest corner on the track and it is always where the action happens, especially on the first lap!!

10:01am – Wazza has left the building. We are just a hop, skip and a ferry ride away from Symmons Plains. Only 2,233kms to go!



Tasmania SuperSprint

Circuit length: 2.4km

Circuit direction: Anticlockwise

Average speed: 167km/h

Maximum speed: 270km/h

Fastest point: Back straight

Slowest point: Turn 4, Hairpin

Average speed: 139km/h



Qualifying 1 8th  6th
Qualifying 1 2nd  10th
Qualifying 1 3rd  5th
Race 1 7th  4th
Race 2 2nd  8th
Race 3 1st  3rd


Championship standings

1st –  Michael Caruso, 222 points

2nd – Jamie Whincup, 207 points

3rd – Shane van Gisbergen, 197 points

4th – Scott McLaughlin, 189 points

5th – Garth Tander, 187 points


1st – RBRA, 404 points

2nd –HRT, 388 points

3rd – Nismo, 352 points

4th – PRA, 349 points

5th – GRM,  285 points