7:45pm – That’s all for today, the cars are tucked in and the team is fed. We’ll be back tomorrow for another big day. Make sure you join us!

5:15pm – We’ve got some very special guests going for the ride of their lives this afternoon. Lucky things!

4:45pm – Top three, not bad start to the weekend! Hear it from the man himself, SVG:

“Today was pretty good, it was good to confirm that we had fixed our problems from Darwin, the car was really nice. We just worked through our program and tried some nice changes which was cool and got better and better so we ended up in a nice spot. Hopefully we can match it in qualifying and start up front for the long races.”

Hear what Jamie had to say about his Friday around the streets of Townsville:

“It was an eventful day, same as Darwin. We’re not just doing the same old thing, we’re outside of the square trying to find performance very differently to how we normally would and the program continues. I think we are better than what our speed showed today, but all in all the car feels quite comfortable. We’re not the quickest but we’ll keep working on it. I’m really encouraged after day one.”


4:05pm – Practice two is done, son! Shane goes back-t0-back P3 and Jamie improved on the first session to finish fifth.

3:10pm – What about a follow up from the mystery of car 97? Well, we’re pleased to report that Dutto reckons we’ve got to the bottom of it. “We think we have (solved the problem), so we don’t want to say too much until we have (for sure), but we’re pretty confident about that. We just really looked at all the braking system because he had issues there so fingers crossed we’ve fixed it but we’re pretty confident,” he said to Speedcafe.

2:55pm – Time to suit up, practice 2 is just 10mins away.

2:45pm – Our spaceship looks so shiny in this Townsville winter (that’s right, winter) sun!


12:50pm – Practice 1 done and dusted! – SVG P3, JW P12. We’ll be back on track for the 2nd and final practice session at 3:05pm.

11:10am – T-minus 1 hour till practice 1

9:20am – FAST FACT – JW has the most wins here in Townsville with a total of 8 wins and 10 podiums from the 17 races held.

7:20am –  Let’s get this weekend started!