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Live from the test day

Wednesday 6th September

5:25pm – Dutto: “It was a good test day. We got lots of stuff done, more than you normally would at a pre-enduro test, more setup stuff. Obviously that’s representative to how competitive the season is this year. Everyone worked really well, we couldn’t be happier.”

5:00pm – That’s it, kids! Tools down, we’re wrapping our final test day of the year.

4:35pm – J-Dub: “We’re running through a lot of things for the season of endurance – running in brakes, gearboxes, mechanical parts. We’re also trying to find a little bit more performance in the car, particularly in the qualifying area.”

3:50pm – Cauchi: “In the morning we were just running through some enduro work, then we got into some actual performance stuff and so far we’ve found a few positives. We did some pit stop practice, then we tried to hone in on a few of those earlier changes to try to fine-tune it a bit.”

2:55pm – Matty is having no problems at all getting back into the Supercars swing of things.

Matt Campbell and Shane van Gisbergen of Red Bull Holden Racing Team talking at the QR test day

2:20pm – Paul “The CEO” Dumbrell has cut about 10 laps and reckons the retro livery definitely makes the car go faster.

Jamie Whincup and Paul Dumbrell for Red Bull Holden Racing Team at Queensland Raceway

1:10pm – Pit stop practice is done and those driver changes are looking pretty speedy. One of the benefits of Matty being a skinny mini!

12:25pm – Shippy: “The priority is seat time for Matty. He’s spent all year racing, which is good, but not in a supercar, so we’ve got to get him out of the Porsche habits and into Supercars style and that’s our priority today.”

12:00pm – Grub’s up! Time to stop for a spot of lunch and a can of Red Bull before we roll into pit stop practice. What’s on the menu? Mario’s famous steak sangas.

11:10am – Testing update: the cars are going in circles a lot. Jamie is cutting the most laps in #88, while PD keeps the world going round on his laptop, and Matty is getting some solid seat time as SVG kicks his feet up for a mid-morning nap.

10:45am – Look what we found! It’s starting to feel a lot like summer.

Red Bull Ruby Edition at the Red Bull Holden Racing Team test day

9:50am – Even if we say so ourselves, the RBHRT cars look pretty damn good under the Queensland sun.

Shane van Gisbergen and Matt Campbell for Red Bull Holden Racing Team testing at Queensland Raceway in retro livery

8:40am – Ah, the sweet sound of race engines. Must be time to hit the track.

7:15am – Double names on the windows. We’ve got those enduro feels!

6:45am – Check ’em out! The RBHRT retro-inspired liveries are hitting the track for the first time today and we reckon they’re looking mighty fine.

Red Bull Holden Racing Team retro liveries at Queensland Ra dayceway test

6:20am – Roll call! Yup, everyone’s here bright and early for our final test day of the season. And it’s a big one! We’ve flown in our co-drivers from exotic locations – Monza for Matty Campbell and… well, Melbourne for PD – and they’re taking their seats in the Red Bull Holden Racing Team Commodores ahead of the most exciting time of the year. It’s enduro season, baby!