Lowndes Honoured With Brock Medal

On the same day motorsport legend Peter Brock would have turned 68, an emotional Craig Lowndes has been awarded the coveted Peter Brock Memorial Medal for his unrivalled contribution to motorsport on and off the track.

Mentored by Brock, Lowndes has since taken over the mantle of V8 Supercars’ cult figure and was today awarded with the annual medal by the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS).

“As the Peter Brock Memorial Medal is awarded to the person in Australian motorsport who best demonstrates the qualities of skill and determination, sportsmanship, pleasant temperament, good people skills and commitment to the wider community, I know without doubt that Craig is the rightful winner for the 2012 year as he now sets the standard for others to follow,” Beverly Brock said on behalf of CAMS.

The proud pilot of an all- new Red Bull Racing Australia VF Commodore, Lowndes has good reason to celebrate before a wheel has even been turned in anger ahead of the start of the V8 Supercars season in Adelaide on Friday.

“Peter Brock was not only a personal mentor of mine, but his positive attitude to life was an inspiration to so many people right across the Australian community, so I am honoured that the sport has chosen to recognise me with the medal awarded in Peter’s name,” Lowndes said.