Mechanics discover a big mix-up

Our trusty mechanics have made some outstanding findings this week in the mad rush between the Australian Grand Prix and Tasmania.

On returning to the workshop, mechanics were bewildered at the sight of numerous composite panels at the back of the Panels Department room.

The build of the all new Holden Commodore has brought with it a large increase in work capacity for everyone in the workshop and to bolt on the incorrect panels could be one of our biggest mistakes yet.

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“We aren’t usually the ones to miss any detail but as it seems, we’ve completely missed the ball here,” said Team Manager Mark “Dutto” Dutton.

“Every single piece of equipment and job goes through checks, twice sometimes thrice.

“I’d say the crew were under the impression that they were bolting on, what were supposed to be, lighter panels and they’ve actually been heavier.

“So, to see that the composite panels have been left in the workshop and we’ve been using the standard panels is quite amusing, to say the least.”

Without using composite panels, the Red Bull Holden Racing Team have managed to claim three out of six wins and a podium in all races, as well as taking out the inaugural Larry Perkins Trophy in Melbourne.

“We still managed to win 50 per cent of the races this year so I guess that debunks that argument,” continued Dutto.

“It’s a huge effort by the team to be able to, not only podium but, win without the composite panels.

“That is something that the guys and girls should be proud of and a huge boost for confidence at the beginning of the season – we might even have to shout a little bonus for their efforts.”

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The latest finding confirms the increased sighting of mechanics around the gym in the past month, so much so that we’ve noticed the crew taking on personal training sessions several times per week.

It’s brought a sigh of relief among the group as they realise they are much stronger than they originally thought – bets are now on that the gym will see an increase in dust as a result.

Will we turn up with composite panels in Tasmania? That’s for us to know, and you to find out…


EDIT: After some people actually falling for this (well done), we’ve felt the need to clarify that this was indeed our attempt at an April Fool’s Day joke 🙂