With the 2015 season behind us (and the 2016 season fast approaching!) the Red Bull Racing Australia Team is ready for some serious chillaxing. So what is it we do in our downtime you may ask? We tracked down a few team members to find out what they had in mind…

Dutto – Team Manager – “Heading back to my home town in PNG to see the parents, I am taking my wife and kids for the first time ever.”

JDub – “Wakeboarding! Getting the boat and board out and hitting water.”

Ludo – Technical Director – When we asked Ludo what he was up to we just got this image in return. Enough said, we think!


PJ – Commercial Operations – “I am getting married on the first day of Christmas holidays! We have decided to have it at home, with a casual 150 guests! All our guests know how to party, so hopefully they stay out of the spa… Then we’ve got a family honeymoon in Mooloolaba for two weeks.”

Nuri – Chief Financial Officer – “I am spending Christmas day with my husband and daughter by the pool. Looking forward to plenty of seafood, drink, music and relaxing. On New Years Day I will Skype with my family back in Spain and take part in the traditional “Las doce uvas de la suerte” (the twelve grapes of luck), where you eat 12 grapes to welcome the New Year.

Gooey  – Workshop Manager – “I will be chillin’ in Ubud enjoying a relaxing three weeks off. That being said I am hoping to climb a Volcano, six hours up and six hours down.”

Cookie – Car 888 Lead Mechanic – I will be visiting a variety of race tracks around Queensland. I will either be riding my Honda CBR100 Fireblade at Willowbank, Lakeside or Morgan Park. Also ripping up Moto X tracks on my Honda CRF 450. Sounds boring to some but it’s heaven to me!”

Romy– Car 1 Data Engineer – “I’ll go back to Germany and have some nice German food cooked by my mum. I’ll have some mulled wine with my friends at the Christmas market too! Also I’m planning of going snowboarding to Austria for a day. It’s just a two and a half hour drive and a really good friend of mine lives there. “