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New Zealand in pictures


The car is actually stationary and the crowd is running past at 250kmh in the background.

It clearly takes far more concentration than we give the drivers credit for to fasten a helmet.



Why Jamie wasn’t included in the pink hardhat gang is beyond us…

Who needs wheels when you’ve got wings?

Cue the Red Bull Racing Australia pole position Mexican wave.



Is that a Bull you spy in the distance?

The No.1 bull charging up a dust cloud.

We know the crew is pretty talented, but turning invisible is a whole new level!



The track and drivers received a traditional Iwi blessing to keep them safe throughout the weekend.


The drivers were greeted with the Hongi, the traditional Maori greeting.

Craig’s always got a smile for the camera!

Loyal fans and V8 Supercar newbies alike filled Queen Street to get photos with the drivers.



Once upon a fishing trip…

The Red Bull Racing Australia boys tried to catch the team some dinner…

But Jamie’s catch decided this was way too scary a sight, downed a Red Bull and sprouted some wings. See ya later!