Next Gen Commodore testing to begin next month

Keep your eyes peeled, people, the Next Generation Commodore is breaking cover very soon.

As confirmed by Roland “The Boss” Dane, the 2018 Holden supercar, otherwise known as the ZB Commodore, will be making its testing debut next month.

“The progress (on the new car) is good,” he told “We should be running the car in about a month’s time, which is the plan. We will be starting a full program of testing hopefully by the end of September.”

The new car will carry the V8 engine for the 2018 Supercars Championship season, with the introduction of the V6 twin-turbocharged engine in 2019. Testing of the latter is already well underway, so the whole crew here at Triple Eight HQ truly has its collective foot to the floor as we push forward with development while also preparing for the toughest part of the year.


WATCH: The V6 twin-turbo in action


“There is plenty of work for this year as well as next year to do, nobody has been slacking,” RD continued.

“There are a number of different aspects to the homologation. There is the vehicle’s specification document which goes right through the heart of the car, so there is plenty of work to do on that. That is already underway but that won’t be finalised until into next year.

“We are very happy with what everyone has produced so far.”