Norwell Nights: The Ballad of Fatty Bobby

A four-time V8 Supercars champion and reigning title-holder, J-Dub is a man not short on offers.

From women of all ages – and old, married men – throwing themselves at him to free meals, transport and hair wax, there’s almost too much choice for the 30-year-old.

It’s his possie and hanger-onerers that score most of the spoils of his success (see: Dutto and Irish) but every now and again our humble J-Dub gets an offer too good to refuse.

So when The Footy Show decided they wanted to stitch up Paul “Fatty” Vautin and take the panel for a ride day at Norwell Raceway, the series leader jumped at the chance. And the only thing larger than the donuts he threw Fatty into was the driving suit a slimmed-down Big Marn managed to squeeze himself into.

Slats, Scotty Prince and Lincoln Lewis also got involved, J-Dub giving the boys a unique experience none will soon forget.

Because this wasn’t your ordinary ride day and when Fatty mentioned the word “sick” he wasn’t talking slang…

Tune in to The NRL Footy Show tonight on Channel Nine from 8.30pm to see the whole segment in all its glory.

Motorsport hasn’t seen this many gibberers on track since the entire Triple Eight crew got to have a crack behind the wheel at last year’s Christmas party.

Watch and enjoy!