Attention, earthlings, the brand new Red Bull Holden Racing Team transporter has landed.

We’ve taken all that we know about race transporters (which is a hell of a lot) and teamed up with the crew at Graham Lusty Trailers to conjure up a truck that is as fancy as Iggy Azalea, as genius as Albert Einstein and, well, basically out of this world.

The brand new RBHRT Transporter

We are going to call it early – our transporters, powered by our Iveco prime movers, are more important than our race cars.

There, we said it.

If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t get to a circuit near you. Our trucks are solely responsible for getting precious cargo from A to B, so without a solid unit, the whole show would be over.

“A race team lives and breathes in a transporter. Everything has to go to the track,” said Team Manager, Mark Dutton.

“It is critical that everything arrives in the condition it needs to be in, everything is bespoke. The transporter is also the race team’s home away from home and, even thought we don’t sleep in them, we live our lives in those trucks every race weekend.”

So to reiterate: Transporter = Mucho Importante.

The brand new RBHRT Transporter

Let’s rewind to July last year when the new transporter was a sparkle in the eye of Mark “Dutto” Dutton and Andrew “Simmo” Simpson (Customer Service Manager and TeamVortex Team Manager).  Add a quick trip to Germany for inspiration and some very imaginative doodling on napkins later – an idea was born.

Now, ideas are all well and good, but when it came to executing it, that was the tricky part. We needed to find people just as crazy as us. And we did!

“We choose Lusty’s because we wanted a Queensland company that was willing to go above and beyond,” said Managing Director Roland “RD” Dane.

“We had seen the work they had done recently on other trailers, and we liked their construction methodology, especially the use of aluminium to try and make the trailer lighter, and the quality looked very good.”

Hey, if it gets the RD tick of approval, it’s got ours, we won’t argue.

Engineering department

Next in line was figuring out exactly what we wanted. We knew what we needed, but want and need are two different things (apparently a karaoke room isn’t a necessity?).

“One of the most important things for us was utilising all the space we had. Like all trailers in the series, there’s plenty of space in the roof. We needed a raisable roof, so we could create a two-story structure at a race meeting,” said RD.

That’s right folks; we are literally raising the roof.

Preparing for Perth - the new truck getting loaded up

Combine that with a pimped out drivers’ room (complete with built-in bath), 12-person engineering room, flat screen TVs, collapsible stairs, room for two race cars and a specialised sub-assembly and damper room – it’s pretty safe to say we’ve got the goods. Oh, did we mention it’s fully controlled by an iPad too?

Plenty of driver storage

“We certainly feel as though we’ve raised the standard here in terms of execution, finish, and functionality,” said RD.

“Most importantly, we have hopefully achieved an objective I had all along, which was to make a trailer that has enabled us to set up at a race track faster and pack up at a race track faster.”

The Red Bull Holden Racing Team and our flashy new rig will be at Barbagallo Raceway for round four of the VASC season, May 5 – 7.