RBRA confident of Sunday turnaround

It’s been another tough 12 laps at the Australian Grand Prix for Red Bull Racing Australia, Jamie finishing the third race sixth and Craig 10th.

Having struggled for pace all week, the team is hoping that all the changes that have been made over the last few days can come together for the fourth and final race of the event tomorrow.

“Unfortunately we didn’t improve the setup today so we weren’t quick enough to challenge for the positions ahead,” Jamie said. “We’ll go back to the drawing board tonight and see if we can pool all the things together that we’ve learnt this week and see if we can go fast tomorrow.

“I lost two spots off the start, I got in a big sandwich at turn one, but once I got through all that we ended up in sixth position. It’s so hard to pass around here, once you get close to a car you lose all your front grip and you can’t get close enough to actually open an attack.”

Although the results aren’t quite what he’s chasing, Lowndesy remains confident that they’re learning from the adjustments: “We made some changes overnight, but the car wasn’t as nice today. We’re still learning and I think that our early pace was reasonably good, but it faded away a little bit faster today than in the last two races.

“We go away from the day with more knowledge, we’ll make adjustments overnight and see where tomorrow ends. I feel that the car is getting better, we’re just stuck in this midsection, but all in all I’m happy with the progression of what we’ve been making the car like, it’s just a matter of getting some clean air and of course it’s always difficult to pass around here in the 12 laps.

“That’s the first race we’ve had without a safety car, so it gives us a better idea of how the car’s running.”

Tomorrow’s race kicks off at 12:10pm AEDT. Click here to see TV times for your area.