RBRA fights back for a double podium

The Red Bull Racing Australia drivers have fought their way back to the front of the pack, with a double podium to end the day.

After a tough first race, which saw Craig finish sixth, having started second, the team turned the two Red Bull Holdens around for the second race.

Lowndesy, who claimed pole, took the lead from the green light and dominated a race dictated largely by tyre life.

“We certainly had a mixed day,” he said.

“In race one we had a strong car at the beginning but we started chewing through the rear tyres more than we’d expected. For race two we sat down and really thought through what we needed, which was longevity, and we got the result we were looking for.”

The first race was a struggle for Car 1, Jamie going from 11th to 17th, and a podium-finish was the last thing he expected today.

“Race two was a good one for us after we struggled with pace in race one.

“It feels good to be back up on the podium, we’re happy with today’s result but we’re still not out of the woods. We’ll continue working hard to keep pushing up the championship ladder. The biggest thing for me is that we’re still having fun, it’s a good challenge.”

Tune in tomorrow for qualifying at 10.35am and the 200km race from 1.50pm. Click here for TV schedules.