Get ready for some high-speed motorsports action that rocks your mobile device!

Following the success of Red Bull Kart Fighter 3, the team at Red Bull Media House are back with another high octane racing game! Red Bull Racers, available on iOS and Android now, is a slot car racing game featuring over 100 races and three different series: Formula, Off-Road, and Streetan most importantly our VF Holden Commodore V8 Supercar!

Download it now FREE for iOS and Android.

Players start their career with a kart and unlock new racers by winning races in each of the various game modes. The in-game garage offers famous vehicles like the Red Bull Racing Australia VF Holden Commodore V8 Supercar, Infiniti Red Bull RB9, the VW Polo R WRC and the KTM XBOW-R.

To cross the finish line first, you’ll have to handle the tricky chicanes, loops, banked turns, and jumps – beginners can get to grips with driving assists like speed guide and stabilizers to help. The ‘Friends Race’ mode meanwhile offers special courses and challenges for you to tackle with your friends and climb the leaderboard.