Take our 2014 Membership survey

So we know you love the drivers. We know you love the Team. We know you want to see more of the factory, be in the thick of the pits on race day, hear all the secrets we don’t tell everyone down pit lane. We know you want to be up close and personal with us 24/7 (awww…shucks). And we know you want more bang for your buck. But what we DON’T know is exactly how you want that all packaged up in a nice, neat little membership. They say if you don’t ask, you don’t get so we figured we would ask…. well, you.

Yep, you… The die-hard fans who without you, we simply wouldn’t exist…. now there’s a scary thought.

And since we know that you’re all very busy people with very busy lives, we’ve made this little survey short & sweet so we can make sure we’ve got everything you want and nothing you don’t in next year’s membership packages. That’s not enough for you? OK, OK, we’ll give one person who completes the survey a signed door panel from this year’s Gold Coast 600 (Terms & Conditions apply).

Now that’s got to be worth answering a few questions for, right….