They say there is one in every office. That smooth talking gentleman who you just hope to bump into on your way to the water cooler… Yeah, we don’t have one of those, but we have David Cauchi.

You’re probably already familiar with JDub’s right-hand man; he’s got a face for television and certainly never misses the chance to ensure he’s on a screen near you. A full-time engineer and part-time heartbreaker, Cauchi has got the brains and biceps that make JDub and car #88 work like a well oiled-machine.

When we first sat down with Cauchi he thought we were helping him update his dating profile, and because team work makes the dream work, we did. But then we got straight back to work and asked him the hard-hitting questions to bring you the below. Ladies and Gents, we give you David Cauchi.

You’re basically a part of the furniture, how long have you been with the team?  

I have been around longer than most of the furniture in the place, actually. I started in November 2007, so this will be my ninth season with Triple Eight. It has kind of gone quickly, and they say time flies when you are having fun, so I guess I have had a bit of fun along the way.

What were you doing before you came to Triple Eight? Don’t hide any details; we’ve got your mum on Facebook.

I went to University… honestly. I studied at the University of Technology Sydney and worked for an automotive steering company during that time. I got involved in some Go-Karting and Formula Ford racing in that time as well. A few days after my last exam, I moved to Brisbane and started working for Triple Eight. Now I am here talking to you.

Speaking of doing things, what is it that you actually do around here?

I help Maurie (office maintenance) with the mop and bucket and wash RD’s car. But once I have done those jobs, I get on with being the head designer which involves working closely with our design team and making sure everything is moving along the way we like it, in a forward and fast direction. At the track, I engineer car 88, working with JDub and the rest of the crew such as Tybo, Romy and Cal to name a few. It is an interesting bunch to work with, never a dull moment.

So, if you weren’t in Supercars, what would you be doing?

I’d probably be at the Rio Olympics competing in the 50m freestyle, that’s about as far as I can swim before I drown so that’s my ideal distance.

What is one piece of advice you’d give someone who wants to get into motorsport?

Get involved with it early, whether it’s through clubs or go-karting or whatever you can get your hands on. If you can get through the long days, late nights and all the hard work that’s involved, then hook into it. It is a tough slog, but it really pays off the moment you make it onto the podium and are celebrating with the team.

Rumour has it you’ve got the best calves in the office – can you confirm or deny this?

Is this true? Is this a real rumour? Well, I don’t think there has been an official competition, but I have been doing a lot of Crossfit and mountain bike riding, so with that said, there is probably a good chance I do have the best calves in the office (just quietly).