Testing the boundaries: Test Day at QR

With the first enduro race of the season around the corner, Queensland Raceway boasted blue skies and sunshine for our annual pre-endro test day. With the usual jam packed schedule of set-ups, changes and pit stop practices, the RBRA team was eager to get onto the track as soon as possible.

The smiling duo of Lowndsey and Richo hit the bitumen first, ensuring Richo got plenty of time behind the wheel. “We can never get enough laps, Craig handed over the keys today and I’ve done a lot of laps which has been great, I feel very comfortable in the car” said Richo.

It’s not the first time the pair have driven together and Lowndsey is confident in both his teammate and the car. “It’s great to have the continuity from last year, we both fit with the car and we are both very similar. The test day went really well for both of us, we’ve achieved a lot today, we got a chance to test more than just speed.”


Unfortunately, Jamie and PD’s new car #1 suffered some teething problems from the new chassis early on. This saw the car in the shed for most of the day, chewing away at precious testing time. “With a year limited in test days and the position we are in speed wise, against our opposition, we really relied on a good day today” said Jamie.

“Normally we are ultra prepared, but these are the cards we’ve been dealt, so we can only do the best with what we’ve got” said Jamie.

Despite the challenging day, Dutto is confident in the vehicle. “Today we didn’t get to see much of the cars performance, it was more of an extended shakedown, but we will be all good for Sandown.”

“In 2013 we built a new chassis after the pre- enduro test before Sandown, which came out and won Sandown. So although we have our work cut out for us, I am confident in the team’s ability to get on top of the issue” said Dutto.

Weather has always played a big part on Sandown race weekend, so fingers crossed Mother Nature is kind and gives us a cracker of a race weekend!

Join us for the Sandown 500 September 11-13, the first of the PIRTEK Enduro Cup Races.