The A-Z of V8 Supercars in 2013

The holiday season is upon us and it’s a time to forgive and reminisce. So in the name of the big bloke in the red suit – that’s RD, not Santa – we here at Red Bull Racing Australia bring you the A-Z of 2013…

(Why RD insists on wearing red suits we don’t know. It must be because his Christmas came early a few weeks back.)

A – Is for Adelaide, where Lowndesy scored Red Bull Racing Australia’s debut win at the Clipsal 500.

B – Is for Beach where Jamie Whincup raced the Red Bull aerobatic plane in the lead up to the Gold Coast 600.

C – Is for Car of the Future and Red Bull Racing Australia doing it better than anyone else in its debut year.

D – Is for Dutto, the man who can bench-press the front end of a V8 Supercar and is now a five-time championship-winning engineer. His motto? “Gold Coast 600, shirts are optional”.

E – Is for Endurance Cup, with Lowndesy and Luffy claiming the inaugural trophy with the best combined finishing results at the Sandown 500, Bathurst and the Gold Coast.

F – Is for Fatty and The Footy Show being put through their paces by J-Dub at Norwell Raceway, and Fatty losing his lunch in the process.

G – Is for the Grand Prix, where Lowndesy and J-Dub spent some time with their F1 counterparts Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel.

H – Is for the Harlem Shake and the Red Bull Racing Australia crew getting more than 430,000 hits on YouTube with their own unique version of the dance before it was even popular…

I – Is for Idiot manoeuvres that reared their ugly heads in the last few races of the season. We shan’t be naming names but it is a time for forgiveness… apparently.

J- is for Johnathan Thurston, who taught Lowndesy a thing or two on the streets of Townsville. Well, the parks of Townsville.

K – Is for 6,340 Ks of racing over 11 months and three different countries.

L – Is for Lap records smashed by Lowndesy and J-Dub throughout the season.

M – Just has to be for this wondrous thing we call Motorsport. How good is it?

N – Is for Number 91 and Lownsey’s record-breaking win in Perth to claim the mantle of most race wins in V8 Supercars history from Mark Skaife.

O – Is for Outright domination, Red Bull Racing Australia finishing with the driver championship, teams’ championship, Barry Sheene Medal and one-two in the championship.

P – Is for Pole positions and J-Dub’s record 13 poles in a season.

Q – Is for Quarry Challenge, where the lads got behind the wheel of some Komatsu trucks in arguably the slowest race in motorsport history. They were beaten by the tortoise and the hare…

R – Is for RD, the Big Dog who made all things Triple Eight possible and now has the tattoo on his arm to prove it…

S – Is for Steven Richards, who was just announced as Lowndesy’s new co-driver for 2014.

T – Is for Three-peat and Triple Eight Race Engineering claiming both the teams’ and driver championships for the third year straight.

U – Is for United States of America and J-Dub and Lowndesy cleaning up in Austin, Texas to finish one-two twice and with three wins and four podiums between them.

V – Is for victory, V8s, eating your Vegetables to become big and strong like Lowndesy and Very, Very fast.

W – Is for Workshop and all the hours put in by the greatest crew in pit-lane. And the boys don’t mind rapping themselves either…

X – Is for X-Factor and Xylophone – J-Dub hopes to enter the former by playing the latter. Twinkle Little Star anyone?

Y – Is for You, our cherished fans. Without all of your support this year, we wouldn’t be where we are today. So thank-you, one and all.

Z – Is for Zs. After a massive year, it’s time to catch some before we do it all again next year. The first official test day of 2014 will be February 15 at Eastern Creek.