The new kid on the block this PIRTEK Enduro Cup season to the RBHRT fam is young-gun Matt Campbell, who will be teaming with Shane this year (just in case you missed it.

Rivaling SVG for how many planes a person can physical board in a year, Matt managed to give us five minutes of his precious time to spill the goss on 10 things we didn’t know about him.

1: My first car was a yellow Datsun 1200 coupe called Daisy that I started racing in at the age 14, which I still own and race whenever I can.

2: My first major injury was a broken bone, my right arm on a trampoline which required surgery and a hand to shoulder cast age 10. I had to learn how to do everything left-handed for three months.

3: I first competed at Bathurst at age 15 in Daisy, competing in a regularity event at the Easter festival as I was not old enough to race in NSW. It was slow, very slow, but a lot of fun!

4: Before motorsport I played field hockey for 12 years, playing in multiple state competitions. I love my sports and adrenaline activities.

5: At the start of the year straight after the Bathurst 12hr I moved to Stuttgart, Germany for my season racing in the Porsche Supercup. When I moved I didn’t know where I was going to live or what I was going to do…

6: I love my gaming and simulating and just all things tech-related. My favourite game is probably Call of Duty Ghosts and FIFA.

7: At age 12 I actually suddenly became allergic to all types of grass seed, which is weird.

8: I am a fully qualified builder by trade, starting a school-based apprenticeship with my grandad in grade 10 of high school. I finished high school and went full-time before completing the trade in 2015.

9: My favourite TV series is Stranger Things, counting down for season two.

10: I’m a self-confessed perfectionist and think I probably have a mild OCD.