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Behind the Scenes: Darwin 2019

We said there was only one thing left to say about Darwin and that was ‘see ya’!  But unfortunately the heat must have gone straight to our heads as we were yet to share with you our favourite parts of the behind the scenes.


Darwin Breakfast:

Can we fry an egg yet?


Head down:

That sinking feeling when you suddenly remember you forgot to turn the air con on in the truck and you know it’s going to be a sauna after pit stop practice.


Beat the heat:

If only you guys could see what that tube is actually plugged into…


Really, really, really ridiculously good looking:

But blue steel just doesn’t work when you’re in that position.


World’s worst odds:

‘You seriously put money on no one winning the Triple Crown this year?’



Guys, pit stop practice is a really inconvenient time to launch into an impromptu Mannequin Challenge attempt.


A Botched Job:

It was too hard to keep a straight face while looking at Lowndesy’s new lip fillers.



Turns out SVG is still a believer in the you-can’t-see-me-if-I-can’t-see-you toddler philosophy. Nice try.


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