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Behind The Scenes: Perth 2018

We travelled across the country in the search for some more silverware… We might not have claimed the silverware but we did pocket some cash and learn some new dance moves.


“Are you sure you did all of the laps? I lost track, let’s count them.”


Rolling up to NAB like…


Chickety-check yo self. The white suit does not exactly scream Ice Cube…


The awkward moment when you realise the can’s not even open.




The dance routines for J-Van and the Pit Crew are getting ever more elaborate.


No one had the heart to tell Brady that he was 18 laps out. And SVG was very confused.


Thumbs up if you’re going to get pole position and lose it within two seconds of the start.


Because he had to do something cool…


Actually listening to Guns N Roses…


Couples who qualify together stay together. #couplegoals