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The top end brought all the drama over the weekend, from double podiums to a DNF. But all is well that ends in champagne showers right? Here are our top snaps from the weekend that was the Darwin Triple Crown.


Poppin’ Bottles

Nothing like wrapping up a Sunday with a double podium!


All eyes on #97

No. #1 Mechanic Shady had his game face on Sunday after Saturday’s troubles.


First place will come…eventually

JDub is still yet to grab that P1, but it will come, mate, it will come…..


Crossing that finishing line

Is there a better feeling!? That chequered flag dropping always gives us butterflies.


The battle pack

There was a fair few nail-biting moments there….being in the battle pack always brings the stress!


Showing your true colours

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a True Colour Track Walk! Awesome to see all the locals and super fans out and about.


Turning up the heat

It was hot both on and off track, with cool suits running at absolute maximum.


Well, that blows

Saturday saw a tyre blowout for SVG, which he held like a PRO! A well-timed safety car made the situation a little more bearable.


I spy with my little eye…..

I spy with my little eye…..A reigning Supercars Champion.


Finally, how about those Darwin sunrises? 

Best sunrises and sunsets on the Supercars calendar!