eight things 2016 will bring according to SVG

Stepping on the scene in a cloud of red and blue smoke, the newest recruit to the Red Bull Racing Australia Team has had no trouble settling in.

After finishing fourth in the 2015 Driver’s Championship, SVG is ready to charge into the season equipped with his new bull.

Always one to tell it like it is, we asked SVG to look into his crystal ball and give us eight things he thinks the 2016 V8 Supercars season will bring.

1. “A lot more Kiwi jokes at Triple Eight Race Engineering.”

Sorry, not sorry, SVG. You aren’t the first Kiwi to join the team, but you are the newest, so that’s technically worse. Prepare for all the baaaaaa-d sheep jokes money can buy. We love to have a bit of friendly banter around the workshop and on track.

2. “Having a Red Bull can in my hand and a fridge full of the good stuff!”

This we can promise. We’ve got Red Bull Original, Summer, Zero, Blueberry, Cranberry, Sugarfree, we could go on…. There’s a chilly bin full of them with your name on it. It certainly comes in handy at those early mornings at the track…we also know that it goes down quite well as a post-race celebratory drink!

3. “An all Triple Eight podium. Hopefully this happens more than just once!”

You’re not the only, mate. We’re pretty sure Roland’s dream when he conjured up this grand idea of three cars in the Triple Eight stable was to claim a podium lockout. We know what you’re all thinking – a 1-2-3 formation finish at Bathurst would be mint. Hold your bulls there, people, let’s just make sure we can get all three Holdens through Clipsal first. (But yes, secretly we’ve fantasied about the same thing!)

4. “Becoming fluent in French.”

We don’t think the French even know what Ludo is on about half the time. It might be a better bet to become fluent in “Frenglish”

5. “Finally getting to stand on the Bathurst 1000 podium.”

As we said before, one team, one dream, mate. We are right there with you! It’s simple mathematics really. Three drivers, three podium places, say no more. The mighty mountain makes more enemies than friends, but feel free to ask Lowndesy for some hot tips, we think he goes alright around the circuit.

6. “Having a drink with David Reynolds.”

We are all for hugging (or chugging) it out here at RBRA, even more so since Dave found the light and moved over to the mighty Holdens. Let the initiation ceremony begin! That’s if you’re not still dead to him… Bro.

7. “Getting my friend Boots the Sheep to come to a race.”

We’re pretty sure V8 Supercars have a strict “no animals at the track” rule. But, we are sure boots could probably pass as a distant relative? And just before you ask, no, Boots cannot be your enduro co-driver.

8. “The dream finally coming true, turning #97 to #1.”

Now you are behind the wheel of a mighty bull, anything is possible. You’ve stacked up some great results over the last few years, so here’s to 2016 and seeing all that hard work pay off.