Eyes on the ‘other’ prize

The all-important Teams Championship… It’s like the forgotten younger sibling.

While most fans focus on the Drivers Championship, many overlook the Teams Championship which is actually the most important accolade any squad could win.

This is not to say the Drivers Championship is less important, it’s merely of a different spectacle.

It’s a title that not only provides bragging rights for the whole team; it also has plenty of other added benefits throughout the following season.

Having won it for the past six consecutive years, the Teams title is not something we’re willing to let go of without a fight.

Whincup’s the big winner in Auckland

The master of driving our successful campaign year after year is Triple Eight Race Engineering’s big dog Roland “RD” Dane, who knows all too well what a Teams Championship can provide.

“It’s important because it brings self-respect to everyone in the team,” he said.

“In terms of physical benefits, the advantages begin with pit lane order. Being at the top of pit lane enables a variety of benefits throughout the race. We also get first line of sight for the truck in the paddock.”

This year hasn’t been easy with the peeps down the road putting up a huge fight, threatening our seventh championship win.

Dick Johnson Racing Team Penske (DJRTP) are leading the Teams Championship going into the final round in Newcastle, we’re a close 105 points behind.

“It’s been very tough this year,” said RD.

“We’ve faced the best opposition that we’ve faced for years in DJRTP. They’ve done what we did for years and purely focused on two cars. And they’ve done it very well indeed.”

SVG’s still in it to win it

Every Teams Championship win is special but with the competition you’re seeing this year, it’s going to be a real reward for effort to take out the title.

And like every year, the Teams Championship is a massive pat on the back to each and every one who puts everything into each and every race.

“It’s about knowing you’ve collectively done the best job all year,” Dane said.

And what’s better than six consecutive Teams Championship wins? Seven! Bring it on…