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That first love

If there’s one thing that we remember more than our first love, it’s our first car. But – like most epic love stories – they don’t often go the distance.

Despite the heartache, our cars continue to hold a special place in our hearts – we name them, take care of them, and we hope that they will take care of us. They get us where we need to go, and we push them to their limits.

SVG, who grew up in NZ, remembers his first car well, and it’s fair to say that it ignited his passion for racing.

“My first car was a 1987 Toyota Starlet – it did 125km/hr in second gear,” SVG tells us.

“It lasted me six months…”

J-Dub inherited his Commodore from his granddad and used it to race around the streets of Melbourne.

“It was a baby blue VH Commodore that was handed down to me by my grandfather who decided to stop driving at the same time,” said J-Dub.

“She was a rocket, and a great car for me for about 18-months.”

Team Owner, RD, got his first car when he was just 12 – a Morris Minor 1000.

“I used to take it apart and put it together again,” RD remembers.

“While my parents were on holiday or out of the house, I would muck around and drive it up and down the driveway. It was definitely the source of a few headaches though – most of them self-induced.”

Soon, J-Dub will get behind the wheel of his new squeeze – a brand new ZB Commodore built from scratch.

And while most love affairs don’t last forever, we’re hoping that this one will be a match made in heaven.