GC600 Top Ten Snaps

It rained and it poured… It was a damp one at the GC600, for the first time in over a decade, but the sun finally came out to play on “Sun-day”, no less, to dry out the track ahead of a cracking race.

Wet willy…

The race week started out with some simulator action… SVG took the opportunity to play some tricks on team mate J-Dub!


And wet everything else! 

It certainly didn’t feel like we were on the GC and more like Melbourne with the downpour early on.


All smiles

The rain didn’t dampen J-Dub’s parade.


Sunshine-y day!

And then the sun came out to play… Hallelujah!


Fist pumps!

That’s a pole position fist pump after an epic shootout from SVG…



Yup, that’s what you get for pole position, nice work team… Drinks are on you Shane!


Party time!

The GC came out to play!



Our T8 babies looking good ahead of our 1-2-3 grid start.



Flying through the concrete canyon on two wheels seemed to be a thing.


T8 fam looking good up front

Yup, that’s our fam leading the pack… So proud!