As Bon Jovi once sung, “woah, we’re halfway there,” and that we certainly are.

But unlike Bon Jovi, we aren’t livin’ on a prayer; we are living on sheer hard work and determination, ready to give the last six rounds of the competition all we’ve got.

This year’s moving faster than Lowndesy when the Ice Magic comes out at dinner and the Sydney 500 will be upon us before we know it, but we’ve accumulated some pretty epic memories and milestones so far in 2016.

So let’s slow down and just hit pause for a second here.

Before we get too hung up on what the future holds, let’s take a walk down memory lane and ask the guys and girls who are bringing 88 back… What has been your 2016 season highlight so far for the car 88 team?

Jamie “JDub” Whincup, The One Who Drives Fast – “I would have to say the highlight for me was pole position at QR last round. It had been a while and we took a big risk with setup which paid off. It tasted good!”

Roland “RD” Dane, Bossman – “The Saturday of Clipsal was a highlight for me. JDub ran away and won the first race of the year as he has so many times over the last decade and then followed it up with a simply superb battle with Courtney later in the day. That was one of those fights that it’s just great to have been a part of.”

Mark “Dutto” Dutton, 2IC to Bossman – “First race of the year, first win of the year – JDub, and in fact the whole car 88 crew, brought their A-game with a dominant performance and showed the field their intention for the season. To execute like that, it’s exactly as you want to after the workload to expand the team that everyone was part of, which was a true whole team effort.”

David “Cauchman” Cauchi, Bloke Who Talks to Jamie – “JDub getting pole at QR would have to be a really memorable moment for me. We had really been working on our qualifying performance, and this showed that we were really getting on top of things. Not to mention it was at our home event, so it was nice to have all the local fans around.”

Romy “Flushies” Mayer, Magic Data Wizard – “My highlight so far for the year would have to be getting pole followed by a win at the Townsville 400. We had some ups and downs in the races leading up to it, so it was a sign that all our hard work was paying off.”

Have you got a no. 88 Commodore highlight this season? Tell us below or join the #redbullracingau convo on Facebook and Twitter.

Stay tuned! Next up, SVG and the 97 gang.