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Hold our Red Bull, it’s AGP Time

The glitz and glam of the Australian Grand Prix has landed at Albert Park, with Formula 1 making their annual visit down under. While supporting our fellow Bulls from across the pond, we will also be amping up for the Melbourne 400, which marks the second round of the 2023 Supercars Championship. 

After a stellar effort to start off the 2023 season, the team is ready to keep on a good roll (car pun intended …) with the upcoming four race event. That’s right, four races! There will also, for the first time in the history of the Supercars Championship, be a race held on a Thursday, shocking, we know. 

A few thoughts from our drivers on the event 👇. 

Car #97 SVG 

“It’s always great to get to share the track with the F1 cars. For our cars, it will be an interesting weekend. The high grip surface of the track combined with the tyre compounds that the teams are running will make for a challenging combination.”

Car #88 Broc Feeney:

“It’s a great event and even better that I’ll get to watch mates race in the F2 & F3 categories, but of course when it’s time, it’ll be full focus on the job that we’re there to do. Hopefully, it will be a successful weekend for the team.”

If you’re joining us for the race weekend, make sure you pack up your winter woolies; it looks like there could be some cold mornings.