It’s Anyone’s Race

The infamous Symmons Plains is anyone’s race this weekend.

A short, quick track that has provided more than its fair share of drama – yes, we’re looking at you, 2017 Tasmania SuperSprint…

The tame-looking circuit just didn’t know what hit it when 11 supercars were wiped out last year in one of the biggest multi-car accidents in the category’s recent history.

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The same day, Triple Eight claimed its first podium lockout in Tasmania when SVG, J-Dub and Lowndesy dodged the carnage and completed a whopping four laps of the race – not that it counted for championship points, rightly so.

The track was beginning to flood before Race 2

This year, we’re looking to do it all again, minus the carnage of course, and go home with the maximum amount of championship points in lieu of last year.

“It’s a pretty tough race; you have to qualify up front as well as using strategy effectively,” said SVG.

“Because it’s pretty cold, the tyres last so long in Tassie – the track is good on the tyres so strategy is really open, so you’ve just got to get that right and make sure you pit at the right time and get to the front.”

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At just 2.41km it is one of the shortest tracks in the calendar, although the length isn’t relative to its intensity; it provides some insane racing with seven corners, including the big hairpin and a long banana-shaped back “straight”.

Jamie Whincup of Red Bull Holden Racing Team during the WD-40 Phillip Island 500,  at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, Phillip Island, Victoria, April 22, 2017.

J-Dub seems to have it down pat with 11 wins and both the qualifying lap record (50.9676s) and race lap (51.4370s) records to his name.

“It’s such a crazy little track, getting through the weekend unscathed is tricky within itself,” mused J-Dub.

“It is simple though, which I like. Maybe my simple mind suits this simple track.

“And I like the clean air; it always makes you feel good breathing in the fresh country air.”

If it’s good enough for J-Dub, it’s good enough for us… We’re packing our beanies and we’re heading south for a wild weekend in Van Diemen’s Land.